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Originally Posted by Maximus MLG View Post
Anybody wanna beat the campaign on Ledgendary Co-op. I'm going threw each Halo game on Co-op Ledgendary.
username: Zitoniman

I sent you a message to do ODST on legendary co-op. I just want to do one playthrough of this game since I've never played it, so it would be cool to go straight to the legendary run (especially if you can get a party 3 or 4 so we could just blow through it in a few hours). I am on right now, and also tomorrow. After that I will be gone for a week, but again can pick it up after next Sunday. (depending on what your schedule is).

Would also be up for some other random online stuff in Halo Reach or Halo 4 - maybe not the campaigns again (since i still need to legendary solo those - and I have already done a co-op run on each). But I'm up for firefights, spartan ops achievements or any other co-op type modes besides the campaign.
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