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I can confirm that nate1326 method does work if u have the disc, though u don't need to install the game from the disk to the HD. But I can't confirm if this will work if u bought the game from the XBL Marketplace.

Originally Posted by Nate1326 View Post
I was having the same issue with this game and my 360 Slim. Tried all the quick fixes and nothing seemed to work. So what I did was installed the game to the HD. Then I downloaded the demo for Friends or Foe from the Xbox marketplace. With the Spider-man retail disc in the disc drive I started up the Friends or Foe demo. Once the demo got to the very first screen I hit the guide button and selected "Play Spider-Man FOF". The game loaded up right away. Not Sure if this was a fluke and or a one time thing. Hopefully this helps though.

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