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This was the worst most ballbusting random/hard dlc I've ever played. Getting all the achievements took like twice as long than the actual game but I'm finally finished. With that being said I'd say for me the most annoying was:

1. By my hand alone- I must have ran this 100 times before I got it. Skill only matters a little bit, the rest is spawns and locations
even if you're doing well, a weeper can get one shot like 2 seconds into a wave and you still have to manage health and mana.

2. Void Star- Bonfires Expert. I don't have to say anything about this other than the only thing that matters is where lights spawn. Getting 27-28k and getting lights in a group of 3 assassins was horrible. Burglar expert was pretty shitty too only because each try takes like 15 minutes.

3. Daredevil - You can memorize the map, you can memorize the light locations, you can memorize the trick jumps. Too bad none of that is more important that where they spawn, you only get it when its that one perfect run. I must have completed it with 5/6 like 50 times.

4. Headhunter- Actually not as bad as I thought, everything is pretty easy and consistent , just practice the stair assassin and don't make the mistake of not glitching the last room, I was stuck just on that part until I found out you can skip it.

Now to knife of dunwall.

Good luck

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