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I'm a level 56 (soon to be 57)


In quick matches I use cleric defense only and I buff up the team at the start of every match.

I will need three or four very skilled beserkers and mages to help me defend the castle, there have been times I've been overwhelmed with almost everyone on the enemy team.

I'm also very good at beserker class to almost unstopable in some maps because there are areas where you can ambush the enemy and they cannot escape.

I recomend you guys also check the level maps (press back button) if you see any red dots then fall back to the castle to defend it.

I use great defense in my quick matches but I will not be able to always last for a full 15 minutes, I will need a great offensive small team to attack the enemy castle.

Drop me a message or friend request anytime so we can team up.

On xbox live alot so you can't miss me.

also let me know you found me on this forum otherwise I will ignore you.
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