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Originally Posted by BiggD View Post
Vidmaster: Endure was both a pain in the ass, and yet one one the most entertaining achievements I've obtained through any Halo game. Upsetting that back when I obtained it, I never asked for help on this site. And since I only had once friend who played it, he took it upon himself to find two randoms off....YouTube, lol wtf?

Regardless, great times!
My group was with a dude I met through Halo 3 multiplayer boosting. I can't remember if it was on here or on Trueachievements, but he pulled in some folks so we could survive. I'd say he was the heavy hitter, he went out into the middle and took care of a lot of the other guys while I was the second hitter, cleaning up his mess while the other two stayed hidden behind cover picking off anything that came close. After awhile one of them went to go hide in that hallway so he could safely afk...but yeah, we ended up getting the achievement and just went ahead to complete the entire thing shortly thereafter.

We also used one of those two for the other achievement, where you have to survive the last level on Legendary with 4 people. Unfortunately the other guy we got was like the leftover we were using .__. two Caboose's from RvB. They screwed around a bit, laughing their asses off as they blew themselves up or died...naturally, the guy who pulled this together was getting frustrated with them and I just sorta chilled. Granted, I wasn't spectacular for a little bit handling the rocket launcher on that warthog...but eventually it worked out.

Only took me 4 days to 1000 ODST, I ran through Legendary with Inebriadeted Jedi (I know I spelled that all sorts of wrong but I dungivafuk .__.) with my second controller acting as a spawn point while the two of us ran through killing shit. Wasn't too bad...those 4 player things came last.
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