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Someone posted this on here somewhere before and it is the best way to beat the 1999 mode real easily. Plus I'm gonna add some of my own tips as well, since I just beat the mode.

Fully upgrade weapons- Carbine, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle. Use the Shotgun as your main. Only use the Carbine and Sniper Rifle for long distance.

Fully upgrade vigors- Charge, Bucking Bronco, Devil's Kiss, Shock Jockey. Charge with the build below pretty much makes you invincible against all human AI. Shock Jockey is great for stunning the pesky Patriots and the Mosquitoes.

This is the equipment you want to have equipped.
-Electric Touch, or Electric Punch if you have the season pass
-Blood to Salt
-Vampire's Embrace
-Brittle Skinned

If you find a Equipment package and not one of these is the desired equipment. Simply continue to reload the checkpoint till its one of the desired ones. There should be at least 4 good spots in the game where you can continuously reload the checkpoint and not be too far away from a equipment package.

Note- for this build to work best, fully upgrade health and salts, then use the last four infusions on the shield.

Try to upgrade your health the first two times, then salt next two, then health again and then salt again. Once you have four upgrades into salt, wait till health is up to 8 upgrades to put two more into salt, then fully upgrade health.

Ok the first Handyman is real easy too beat, just simply do the glitch on him where and gets stuck and shoot him with the Sniper Rifle.

When you fight all the other handymans the best thing to do is continuously use the Devil's Kiss trap move on them. Make sure the Devil's Kiss is fully upgraded.

Second one- is trickier, and the hardest. This one is difficult because there is no where to replenish health once you killed all the other guys, which I suggest you do first. Try to keep going to the upper platform areas and setting Devil's Kiss traps. Once The Handyman comes up there he should step on them coming after you. Get a couple shots in with whatever. Then right before he jumps on you, use the skyline. Continue to do this and then when you run out of salts look for some in the area real quick. There should be at least a couple of refills, which should be more then enough. If you run out of Salts, it shouldn't matter, if you did everything right because he should be low on health and you can just finish him off with your weapons. Continuing to use the skyline evade method.

Third one- There should be two spots on the right hand side of the area where there is a medical tear, and then on a lower platform, excess-able by skyline with a salt refill tear. Stay over in these two areas activating the tear closet to you at all times. Use the Devil's Kiss trap technique on this handyman, along with shooting him. Set two traps near the medical tear or vise versa which ever you start at first, and then once he activates them, use the skyline and make your way to the other area and set two more traps. If you run low on health you'll be able to heal yourself using the medical tear and vise versa with the salt tear when it comes to your salts. When you first get to this area there may be a couple of guys close to this area kill them but don't worry about the other guys towards the left they are too far away to really bother you.

Fourth One- Try to move quickly around the area using the skyline and try to take out all the guys in the main area room. If you are using the equipment attachments I said to use and you have the Charge fully upgraded this should be easy. There should be a medical tear in the area. You're gonna wanna activate that as your moving around the room. Use the Devil's Kiss trap technique once again, along with shooting him, along with the skyline evade technique. Try doing this more towards the area right where you entered since the medical supplies are closer to you there and there may still be more guys alive in the second area shooting at you. Do not worry about these guys though they won't come after you and there's two turrets shooting rockets over there you want to avoid for now. There should be some salt refills lying around.

The siren battles shouldn't be that hard, except for maybe the last one which can be tricky. Just focus on shooting the sirens from long range with a Sniper RIfle or whatever, and when the enemies get close use the Charge vigor. If you have all the equipment I suggested you should be able to always heal yourself when you kill the enemies. Also be able to get salts from some kills.

Well I hope some people find this helpful. I know the person who listed the original build helped me. I beat the game pretty easily and died no more then about 8 times. Every time I died, I immediately paused the game and reloaded the checkpoint to avoid a money penalty.
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