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Red face New players, I want you!


You might have noticed already, this game is on sale right now for a bargain price and I'm sure many people have recently bought it and have no idea what to do! I bought this at release and played it for over two years, maxing out everything, before purchasing a new xbox and losing my save. I didn't mind too much though because I could start anew on Xbox Live and in this game, something that is bizarrely fun for me!

So! Since the game is on sale, I was hoping I could catch the attention of new players who want new friends to play with. So you'd be paired up with someone who knows what they're doing but has newbie level equipment right now to show you the ropes and grow with you!

I'm really excited for new players breathing life into the multiplayer of this game again so please, please if you're interested, let me know! My gamertag is "juujiro" Send me a message!
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