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Achievement Guide & RoadMap

Thanks to Rajeanero for the banner.

DLC: Apocalypse

Estimated achievement difficulty:7/10
Offline: 6/10 (195/250)
Online: 4/10 (55/250)* I counted online achievements as those that require a second player.
Approximate amount of time to 250: 5-10 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Game of zombies although you will most likely play several games.
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements?: You need do "Little Lost Girl" on Original difficulty.
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: I advise doing the Easter Egg with multiple people, but it can be done solo.

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the final DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops II--Origins. Released on August 27, 2013, this final installment will easily be many zombie aficionados toughest zombie map and will forever resound in the minds and fingers of those who had to labor to complete it. For the $14.99 price tag (free with the $50 season pass), you easily get your money's worth with this zombies map. Bringing us back to where it all began, our four favorite heroes must once again get to the bottom of Easter Egg and must release Samantha. Boasting a changing world with elements, robots, and rounds containing boss zombies as well as a large map that contains many cracks and crevices, you will not only have fun from start of the EE to finish, but will have fun going back and slaying waves of undead.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Essentially we are going to tackle this DLC in three waves with a Tips & Tricks Section to start us off.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Familiarize yourself with the map prior to attempting the Easter Egg. Having a command of the map will give you a powerful upper hand when trying to stay alive.
  • Getting pieces to the different build able items in the earlier rounds will give you a commanding presence when you venture into the higher rounds.

Maxis Drone Pieces:
-Always found in spawn on the desk in the first room.
-Near the crossbones sign on the path leading in front of the church.
-Near the crossbones sign on the path leading to the rear of church.
-In the excavation site around the spiral staircase BEFORE entering the bottom site.
-Also in the excavation site around the spiral staircase before entering the bottom site.
-On top of excavation in the area of the pack-a-punched machine.
-Near the bottom of the excavation site, next to one of the levers reachable only by the wooden walkway.

After gathering the necessary pieces to the Maxis Drone, I suggest building it in the church. It can be a huge boost to a team that needs to run away via the tank, and can be easily accessed without too much trouble.

Record Machine Pieces:
Black Record:
-On top of the excavation site, to the left of the pack-a-punch machine in the wheelbarrow.
-On the excavation wall on the left hand side of the path by the church stairs. In other words, if you were to walk from the church steps make a left and it will be on your right hand side sitting on the ledge on the wall right before you get to the big mud pit area.
-Coming from spawn instead of taking the staircase up toward excavation it will be sitting on the box that has the engine on it right at the base of the stairs.
-Located inside the excavation site by the desk where you need to place the gramophone to power up the stairs to enter the cavern. It will be on the ground.

You will need to place the gramophone on the desk to open up the bottom of excavation in order to descend and to create the staves.

Zombie Shield Pieces:
Face Screen:
-In the generator 3 area near speed cola heading toward the workshop behind the crate.
-In the trench in front of the fire tunnel on the desk.
-Inside the fire tunnel on the table before the Agartha gateway.
-Upon exiting generator 2 instead of going toward the workshop, at the end of the trench headed the other direction in the wheelbarrow.
-In the trench room heading toward generator 2 from spawn on the desk.
-On top of the tank station next to generator 2 on some piping.
Shield Frame:
-Behind juggernog, in the mud area where you fill up the chest, opposite of the MP-40 on the wall.
-In the robot's footprint between excavation and generator 5 area on the church side. It will be in the generator 5 direction corner.
-Just outside of generator 4 heading toward the trenches to church. The mud area right before you enter those trenches.
  • The single most important tip I can give is to hold a zombie at the end of every round. Sure this is time consuming, but being able to safely work on steps or even achievements is vital to the ease and success of this DLC.

Easter Egg Action:
I wanted to put the Easter Egg first because not only will it take the most amount of time, but you will gain quite a few achievements simply going for it. Of course for the in depth breakdown please see "Little Lost Sister." But through the Easter Egg process you should run into at least the following achievements:
  • "Not a Gold Digger" for digging up a weapon and having someone else pick it up.
  • "Playing with Power" for building all of the elemental staves.
  • "Master Wizard" for wielding all 4 ultimate staves.
  • "Little Lost Sister" for completing the Easter Egg.
  • "Saving the Day...All Day" for reviving teammates four different ways. Note that you should also pair this up with your EE run as you will already have built an ultimate staff as well as Maxis.
  • "Over Achiever" for completing all 4 challenges. Note that for this you may have to go out of your way to grab it, although during your long haul on the EE this is the best time to grab it.

This was essentially the bare minimum of what you should get while going for the Easter Egg, although you may get others both by accident, or with careful extra planning.

Mopping Up Zombie Parts is Relatively Easy:
With the hardest and longest out of the way, you are left to load up some easy maps, call a couple of buddies, and fly through the remaining achievements. None will pose too difficult and can all be done in one additional game.
  • "All Your Base" for powering up all 6 generators without allowing one to stop.
  • "Kung Fu Grip" for freeing yourself and a teammate from the Panzer's claw attack.
  • "I’m on a Tank!" for not getting off of the tank for an entire cycle.
  • "Master of Disguise" for revive three people and powering up one generator in zombie blood.

Overall Origins will go down in memory as one of the toughest zombie maps (fighting Moon from Call of Duty: Black Ops I for that title) as well as one of the most memorable ways to end an Easter Egg. There is no doubt that you will have fun from start to finish working together with your team to create, empower, and liberate. With a map that changes every round, and elements that come into the map to change your play style, Origins lays the groundwork for what we should come to expect from zombies in the future. By following the achievement guides for those pesky achievements you should be able to put this DLC away fairly easily, albeit with a bit of work and time, and happily check another zombies off your list. And for those of you who have finished their last bit for the game, happy 2000.

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