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Step 3: Conquer the Chests--Obtain the Fists
Fill all four chests.
  1. Upon leaving the workshop heading toward to large area to your left below excavation is the first box.
  2. Next to generator four, on the other side of juggernog.
  3. On your way to church the first mud area you pass contains a chest.
  4. Next to generator five which is on the opposite side of the map to generator four (juggernog perk machine).

The reason why I place this step sooner than most other people is that the thunder fists are a 1-Hit-Kill weapon until round 18 making them the most lethal tool for powering up your staves in Agartha. After you fill your final chest head to generator 6 and claim your reward from the reward chest.

During this process though be sure to keep an eye out for your ability to get the staves together as well as beginning the ultimate steps--which ironically is our next step.

Step 4: Ultimate Too?!
Build the ultimate staves.

This step is where you will spend the vast majority of your game and rounds on. By this point you should have every area opened, your thunder fists, Maxis Drone and the zombie shield. After everyone has gotten their thunder fists you want to save a zombie at the end of the round and begin the process of doing the puzzles to create the ultimate staves. See "Master Wizard" for the in depth step-by-step on how to get your staves to ultimate. What I will say though is that you should attempt to do as many staves at once as possible. Even if that means going into another round to be able to get that last staff together, I advise it. The more people inside Agartha with thunder fists feeding souls into the staves the better. Also on that note, do not throw Maxis up right away. Wait until the Templar zombies begin to come at a good pace before releasing him as his time is limited, and he may literally revive the entire team if the time calls for it.

Once we have all four staves built to ultimate, step 5 requires us to relinquish them.

Step 5: The Robots Claim All
Place three of the staves in the giant robots, and the fire staff in the excavation site.

At this point every person in the group should have an ultimate staff. Now in order to proceed with this step, make sure everyone has in their possession one of the staves, AS WELL AS, powering up all 6 generators. Once you have done this it's time to split up and start placing staves.

Ice Staff goes into Freya (Church Robot).
Wind Staff goes into Odin (Middle Robot).
Lightning Staff goes into Thor (Gen2/3 Robot).
Fire Staff goes into a newly formed pedestal at the bottom of excavation.

You will see the special slot for each of the staves ONLY after you have powered up all six generators. With this completed we will now proceed to gain the power of the air.

Step 6: Purify THIS!
Purify the tablet found in the tank station by generator 2 in the holy water.

Inside of the tank station by generator 2 will be a desk with tablets on it by the far exit. Hold when near this desk to pick up one of the muddy tablets. All the way back in church if you were to go upstairs by the mystery box location is a holder with some holy water in it. By holding when near this holy water with the tablet in your possession you will place it into the water for cleansing.

You must now punch, with the thunder fists, around 25-30 zombies to purify the tablet. You will know when it's done by the loud noise, brightened color, and Samantha's gibbering. The real test will be getting it back.

Step 7: Returning it Clean in a Warzone?
Return the tablet to the tank station where you first got it without touching the mud.

This actually is not as hard as it seems. There are literally 2 spots where you can mess up as the rest is simply standing on wooden planks.

Upon purifying the tablet head out of the church back toward the excavation site. You will go from the wooden planks to the mound of dirt in the middle. Jump from the mound of dirt (spot 1) to the wooden planks and continue down (Spot 2) jumping from the wooden planks of the church area to the wooden planks of the excavation area. Hang a right and head up to the top of excavation and back down the other side running into the workshop, through generator 2, and back into the tank station holding to place your purified tablet on the desk.

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