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Step 8: Airstrikes Require Groundwork
Punch zombies inside the bunker near the tablet until the airstrike grenades appear.

Now all you need to do is kill zombies with the thunder fists by the table. It is completely random as to how many, but pay attention to when souls no longer leave the zombies and or you see the airstrike grenades at the table. Once you retrieve them you are done with this step.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following steps.

Step 9: You Can Destroy That?
Destroy the seal.

From the point of obtaining the airstrike grenades until you complete the following steps, the three robots will spawn all at once with only ONE of their feet in ONE of the robots enabling entrance. Have the person who got the airstrike grenades also grab the Maxis Drone, and head over to the generator 5 area. Depending on the number of people you have in your group you can either have 2 people waiting for the robot to come with one holding the zombie and one prepping, one person waiting for the robot and one holding the zombie, or if you are doing this as a duo, the person with the zombie looking for the foot and getting into it quickly.
*If you are doing this solo, you MUST wait until Odin's left foot (the right foot to you looking at him) has the entrance hatch. You must also wait until the very last second to engage the button AND must throw the airstrike grenade before getting to the fence.

Seal Location:

Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his picture.

This requires coordination. Once inside the robot with the opening in the foot there will be a big red button. It will inform you that the Firing sequence linked/activated. As soon as it tells you this you must inform your partner waiting by the seal that it just armed, after which the person with the airstrike grenades will throw one onto the seal. You know you have destroyed the seal when the once gray tile becomes open.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following steps.

Step 10: Panzer Onslaught
After throwing Maxis in, kill the 2 per person Panzers.

Now is the time to assemble the team to kill the 2 per person (Group of 2=4 Group of 3=6 Group of 4=8) Panzers that will spawn from the seal once Maxis goes in. You should now assemble your extra players in the area directly to the left of the lightning tunnel in the mud area. If you have 4 players, there should be 2 standing in the mud, one with the Maxis drone, and preferably your weakest player holding the zombie. If you have 3, there should be one waiting, one with Maxis, and one holding and if only 2, the other person should be holding the zombie far away from generator 5.

Fire staff and lightning work best for killing the Panzers so make sure those people with those staves are present for the slaughter. When you are ready have Maxis go into the seal by throwing him up near it and retreat to the mud area and wait the assault. When they are all dead we can move onto the next step.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following steps.

Step 11: Shooting Down a Spirit
In zombie blood, shoot down the spirit plane.

If you have been following this guide thus far you should have saved the zombie blood from powering up generator 1. Go back to it now and pick it up. While in zombie blood you will see a plane in the air with a faint glow to it. This is the plane you want to shoot, and will only take a few shots to take it down. Once it's down move onto the next step.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following step.

Step 12: How Did He Survive?
In zombie blood kill the pilot.

You must now kill the Red Baron. He runs clockwise around the excavation site and can only be seen in zombie blood. Chances are your zombie blood from the spawn has run out so we need to get another. The person with the ice staff should now put out the three wagon fires in the center area as you will be able to get a free zombie blood every round by putting out the fires on three carts around the excavation area. They are located in the following locations:
  • Coming out of spawn/workshop, directly to your left.
  • Going from juggernog to church the church will be to the left.
  • In front of generator 5.
After you put all three out your zombie blood will appear on top of excavation near the stairs to go down into the site.

Other people can shoot and kill the zombie, but only the person in zombie blood can see the Red Baron. The important step is to run counter-clockwise (from the exit near church hooking a left like going toward jugg but staying close to the excavation site and doing the circle that way) and when you run into him inform your teammates and blast him.

He will drop a Maxis drone that you will need to pick up and will lead us into our next step.

Step 13: Elemental Fists Sound Good
Mele zombies in front of the staves in excavation.

Now depending on the number of people in your group, you will need to either get an upgraded fists or up to 4 if you have a full group. The best way to do this is in groups of two. Have the people outside simply train zombies while the 2 people inside work on their melee kills. You will be killing zombies with white smoke under their arms, and will know you are finished when the power-up drops and your fists become elemental. Once all members of your group have their upgraded fists it's time to go back to Agartha one last time.

I advise you save a zombie after everyone has gotten their fists.

Step 14: Finale Means a Showdown
Return the staves to their holders in Agartha and power them up.

We must return to Agartha and power up the staves one last time. With each staff in its holder you must punch the zombies until they are all powered up and create the vortex in the middle. Just note that you will only be able to charge the staves a final time if all 4 are in place, even if you do not have 4 people in your group. You receive the achievement when the vortex appears, although you will not get all of the perks, and will not get any cut scene.... what gives?!

Step 000: Finishing is Mind Numbing
How to trigger the final cut scene.

Triggering this last cut scene WILL END THE GAME! There are two ways to do this.
1. Release Maxis into the vortex when it appears.
2. Have everyone stand on the blue vortex on the ground and hold only with all the generators powered up.

And with that I walk away leaving you to ponder the finale, the work, and the achievement.


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