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Not a Gold Digger 5
In Origins, share a weapon you dug up.

This achievement is a rather easy one to get as digging is an integral part of the map. In order to dig you must get a shovel, two of which are located in spawn, one next to the tank in church, one usually in the wind tunnel (generator 4), and one in the lightning tunnel (generator 5) to name a few locations.

After you get your hands on a shovel dig the dig-sites until a weapon pops up, and then allow a teammate to take it by holding . Easy as that.

All Your Base 15
In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop.

Best done at the end of a round while having one person hold the last zombie to avoid allowing the Templar zombies to shut down any generators. All it would cost you is 200 points (+200 for each additional player you have to 800 points for 4 players) points to power up all six generators as you receive your points back after successfully powering up a generator. In order to get credit for this achievement you do need to be a part of the process of powering up the generators.

If the Templars come and shut down one of the generators you must restart.

Generator 1- Inside of the spawn building.
Generator 2- Outside of the bunker that houses a mystery box and the blue CD for the ice staff. The door to get to this generator is near generator 1, or when looking toward the rest of the map, is the right door.
Generator 3- Located through the left door out of spawn, generator three also houses a mystery box, and in the area where the robot can step is a Speed Cola perk machine.
Generator 4- Found in the large middle area of the map, generator four would be to the left when coming out of the workshop/spawn area and houses a mystery box as well as Juggernog.
Generator 5- Is on the opposite side of the middle area when comparing it to generator 4. Generator 4 contains Stamin Up as well as a mystery box.
Generator 6- The final generator is located on the far side of the map behind the church. This final generator contains another challenge box as well as a mystery box.

Kung Fu Grip 15
In Origins, free yourself and another from the Panzer Soldat’s claw in one game.

Panzer Soldat is a new boss (much like George in BLOPS I Call of the Dead map) who will spawn periodically throughout your experience in Origins. One of his three attacks is the claw in which he fires a claw that can grab you and will pull you back to him. The achievement requires you to free both yourself as well as someone else from his claw attack in one game. This is easiest when done in a big group where you can have someone hold the last zombie and have the people working toward the achievement. When he gets someone with his claw attack there will be a red dot area where his claw used to be on his body. In order to free yourself from his grip simply shoot that area and he will drop you/your teammate. The following are the confirmed waves of Panzer Soldats.

Wave 8- 1 Panzer.
Wave 11- 1 Panzer.
Wave 14- 2 Panzers.
Wave 18- 2 Panzers.
Wave 22- 3 Panzers.
After throwing Maxis into the hole you threw the airstrike grenade on during the Easter Egg 2 per person Panzers spawn.

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