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Playing with Power 30
In Origins, build all elemental staffs in one game.

There are four elemental staffs in Origins. The four staffs are Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning and can be found at the bottom of the excavation site. In order to unlock this achievement, you simply need to build all four staffs in one game and do not have to wield them. You can do this on easy difficulty.

Record Locations:
-On the pew upstairs in the church (the pews that are on fire).
-On a crate in the generator 6 area.
-By the front left of tank on a box (You will need to move the tank in order to get to it here).
-In the ice tunnel next to generator 6.

First Part:
Found after you kill your first Panzer Soldat that spawns in round 8.

Second Part:
Shoot down the plane in the sky that has the orange glow to it. You can shoot this down with any weapon although it usually appears toward the end of the round. The piece lands by the chest that's at the bottom of excavation or to the left of the workshop.

Third Part:
You are given this as a reward for powering up generator 6. It appears in the reward chest.

Record Locations: *Always in the bunker by generator 2.
-On the desk right as you walk in.
-On the shelving by the mystery box.

First+Second+Third Parts:
-All parts are found while digging up the piles of bones WHILE IT IS SNOWING ONLY. The weather generally changes every round so make sure you dig only when it is snowing. On that note though, the dig spots come back during a round with rain so remember to check back after a good rain.

Record Locations:
-Inside the lightning tunnel by generator 5 (usually on the desk).
-Around the lightning tunnel by generator 5 on the ground level.
-On the wall that surrounds generator 5.

First Part:
Found in Thor (the robot that goes through stepping by generator 2 and generator 3).
Second Part:
Found in Odin (the robot that comes down the center of the map).
Third Part:
Found in Freya (the robot that goes through by church).

Record Locations:
-On the wagon in no man's land in front of generator 4/Jugg.
-On the table next to the Wunderfizz machine in the generator 4.
-At the bottom of the wind tunnel, which is located next to generator 4.
-On the wall pieces surrounding Jugg/generator 4.

First Part:
After activating the tank from the church, about half way through your trip you will come along a wooden walkway on the right hand side of the tank. You need to jump off of the tank and onto the walkway, and then the short distance to the part.

Second Part:
After leaving the cool down station, the first of two parts will be on the left hand side about half way through your ride back to the church. You will see the catwalk as you are passing by the excavation site. Jump off to your left to snag it.

Third Part:
The final part is also on the route from tank station to church, and will be right before you get back to the church. You will see a path going up on the right hand side into the top of the church. Jump off and run up the path into the church to grab the final piece.

So now that we have all the parts for the four staves we must put together the record machine to be able to create our staves. In order to create the record machine we will need two parts: the gramophone and the black record.

Gramophone Location:
-Located inside the excavation site by the desk where you need to place the gramophone to power up the stairs to enter the cavern. It will be on the ground.

Black Record Location:
-On top of the excavation site, to the left of the pack-a-punch machine in the wheelbarrow.
-On the excavation wall on the left hand side of the path by the church stairs. In other words, if you were to walk from the church steps make a left and it will be on your right hand side sitting on the ledge on the wall right before you get to the big mud pit area.
-Coming from spawn instead of taking the staircase up toward excavation it will be sitting on the box that has the engine on it right at the base of the stairs.

Once you grab the two pieces to the record machine you will then need to head to each element's tunnel, go through it, and grab the orb piece from Agartha. The tunnel locations are as follows:

Fire Tunnel is located through the left door coming out of spawn, and immedately to the left upon exiting spawn.
Ice Tunnel is located in between church and generator six in the back left corner of the mud pit.
Wind Tunnel is located to the left of generator 4/Jugg in the center of that stomp area for Odin robot.
Lightning Tunnel is located near generator 5/Stamin Up on the opposite side where the chest is located.

Only one orb piece can be done at a time per person. You will go into a tunnel and place the gramophone on the desk which will in turn create a teleporter to Agartha. Once inside you will go to the respected colored podium (for example if you go through the fire teleporter go to the fire podium) and hold to retrieve the orb piece. When you exit make sure to pick up the gramophone so someone else can go through another tunnel.

When you get the orb you have one step left to go until the staff is completed. Head back to excavation and down through the spiral staircase into the lower chamber. At the very bottom are four colored staff holders. Head over to your respected orb color and hold again to create the staff. Once all four are created the achievement will unlock.

I’m on a Tank! 10
In Origins, ride the tank around the map without getting off.

Riding the tank without getting off can easily be done at the end of a round. Simply have one person hold the last zombie, make sure you have 1,000 points, and get on the tank making sure not to get off until it arrives back at church. The tank will stop behind the station at generator 2, and will cool down for approximately 3 minutes. If you are doing this mid-round be sure you have plenty of ammunition before attempting this.

Note: An awesome tip for the Panzer boss units is that they cannot climb, shoot, nor kill you while on the tank. This is great for getting them down while remaining untouchable.

You could of course call the tank from behind the station at 2 and then ride it all the way back around until it returns to 2 if you desire as well.

Saving the Day...All Day 20
In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game.

There are four specific ways you need to revive someone in order to obtain this achievement. Before I list the options you need, please note that zombie blood revival does not count toward this achievement.

Regular Revival: Rather self-explanatory, all you need to do is revive someone as you would normally.

Quick Revive: Another rather self-explanatory method, be sure to buy quick revive after you already revived someone regularly.

Ultimate Staff Revival: Once you have an ultimate staff built ([i]See "[/b]Master Wizard[/b]" for building one), wield it and then hit to pull out the healing portion of the staff. Aim your crosshairs at your downed teammate and then shoot like you normally would. This is instant and has great range.

Maxis Drone: For a "how-to" on how to create the Maxis drone please see "Little Lost Girl." Once the drone is built retrieve him from the workbench you built him on and then hit to throw him up into combat. When one of your teammates is down, Maxis drone will go over and revive them--that simple.

Master of Disguise 15
In Origins, use Zombie Blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game.

To make this easier set the difficulty to Easy.
  • Zombie blood can be found either by digging up.
  • As a reward for powering up generator 1.
  • Using the ultimate ice staff to put out three flaming carts and then retrieving the blood from on top of excavation.
  • From killing a zombie as a drop.

Easiest way to get the three revives is to just have your partner(s) go down near you during your 30 second zombie blood episode.
Easiest way to get the generator power up is after you power up generator 1, to open up all the doors to get to generator 2 and then have your team start powering up the generator, grab the zombie blood off of the chest by generator 1 and then get to the influence circle to grab credit for it.

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