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In Origins, wield all of the ultimate staffs in one game.

This particular achievement will take quite a bit of time, although it can be simplified by switching to easy difficulty, or by having multiple people work on the staffs at once. If you want to know how to create the staffs in the first place, please refer to "Playing with Power." So let's get into it.

The first step in the fire ultimate staff construction takes us to the crazy place, and actually is a slight foreshadowing of another step to come.

Step 1. Fill the Cauldrons
We begin by having to fill souls at the grate area next to the fire teleporter in Agartha. In order to get to Agartha you need to go through any of the portals, but I advise going through the fire portal as it places you directly where you need to be. The fire portal is located through the left door out of spawn as if you were going to generator 3, just outside to your left as soon as you go through the door. Now you will need to fill the four cauldrons so they go from empty to having a flame coming out of them. In order for these kills to count you will need to kill zombies with the fire staff, and will know you are finished when all four cauldrons are on fire and Samantha speaks to you.

Step 2. Light the Torches
We now need to head back to the church and go upstairs near the pews on fire. On the wall starting above the pew and wrapping around to above the mystery box will be symbols that are lit up. From left to right each group of symbols corresponds to a specific number. Starting on the left the numbers correspond to pillars 11, 5, 9, 7, 6, 3, 4(blood pillar). Here's a picture of what I am talking about.

Thanks to coreymawf for allowing me to use the picture.

So depending on which buttons are lit up (and it is random every time), that will be the sequence of torches you need to light. Again starting from left to right, for me was 11, 9, 6, 3, and the blood pillar (4). Once you get this step down they will all light up and you will move onto step 3.

Step 3. Fire the Fire Ball Up.
We need to head back to the excavation site and down to the bottom where the large discs are with the four sides and the different colors. Our objective now is to rotate the four discs so they all match up red for fire. There are 2 levers on the ground floor (if looking at where the staffs go there is on up the stairs to the left and one to the right--opposite of each other) and 2 levers on the wooden walkways above you. Each time you rotate a specific lever the disc changes colors. Once you hit the red color for a disc move onto the next one. When all four are red a little red ball will appear just above the blue symbol on the ground of excavation, and will now require you to shoot the red ball with the fire staff to make it glow and fly up through the discs. Time to punch it.

Step 4. Killing em' Souls to Ultimate
Fill the staff with souls.
Time to go back to Agartha and fill the staff with zombie souls. You can use any gun, the thunder fists (which are a one-hit-kill until wave 19) or Maxis to help fill the staff. Their souls will fill the staff like the fill chests, culminating with Samantha telling you the power of fire is ready. Again we are looking at about 30 or so zombies to fill the staff, and once it's done you will be able to take your ultimate staff of fire.

Ice is a fairly easy staff to build, but can be tricky if you are not careful with the matching up of buttons.

Step 1. Match and Freeze.
We need to head to Agartha and go to the ice area. This can be done easiest by going through the ice portal that is located between church and generator six. Once in Agartha if you look above the teleporter there will be six blocks you need to shoot with the ice staff. In order to get the code you will see a box off to the side that looks like it is flowing with some symbol in white on it. Here's a great image showing the correlation between picture and ice block symbol.

Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his picture.

After this is finish you will need to head back up to the main area and find three tombstones to freeze and destroy them.

Step 2. Tombstone Destroyer
Once the puzzle is finished it's time to hunt the three tombstones down. You must shoot the tombstones once with the ice staff to freeze it and then with a regular weapon to destroy it.
  • Tombstone one is located next to the MP-40 in the area where you fill up a chest by Jugg.
  • Tombstone two is located on the excavation hillside facing Jugg.
  • Tombstone three is located near the downed robot's hand by tank station where generator two is at, or the area where the tank stops for a cool down.

Once you destroy the last tombstone we move onto step 3.

Step 3. Frozen Ice Orb Heading Up
Head back to excavation and repeat the process you did for the fire staff, but this time we are trying to get the colors to be blue. Once you match them up shoot the blue orb with the ice staff and move onto the final step.

Step 4. Killing em' Souls to Ultimate
Fill the staff with souls.
Time to go back to Agartha and fill the staff with zombie souls. You can use any gun, the thunder fists (which are a one-hit-kill until wave 19) or Maxis to help fill the staff. Once it's done take your ultimate staff and drop the blizzards.

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