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Originally Posted by FroZeNSouL View Post
Dam it just saw this. Definitely not available for free anywhere now then?
That post you linked on x360a for Free downloads, is that where everyone is finding these deals first?
Just wanting to know so dont miss out again!!

Btw which ben10 game was for free n when??
the list he posted is a list of free stuff
that is NOT where this information came from.
if it did there would be no point in the thread.
i don't personally know if its still available or not as i grabbed it earlier this morning.
and the ben 10 game was rise of hex which has now been delisted from the marketplace altogether although briefly last week it became free for a limited time before m$ dropped it from the marketplace.

sadly things like this never are planned they just sort of happen and you have to get on it quick

although people have commented Ikagura is still free from a slovak/rico
so try and grab that!

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