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Originally Posted by ponypo2001 View Post
Firstly I have to thank the writer for a great guide. However, I have one problem. I am at the playthrough 4 section and everything was going great. For some reason I do not get the "YES/NO" options in chapter 6. I've had them in each of the other playthroughs but by using the "NONE" option to skip through to chapter 6 they were never there. I'm following the guide to the letter and made sure to make the correct chapter 1 choices.

I've just lost a lot of game time cause of this so if anyone could point out whats wrong I would be most grateful.

EDIT : Just tried a second time and same story. After the 4th choice, it skips straight to chapter 7. I have a very strong feeling using the skip all is costing me somehow.

EDIT 2 : All sorted. I don't think it is actually possible to get that choice in chapter 6 when doing the Nanami route as I could never replicate it. It doesn't matter however, just skip through chapter 7 and at the end you will get the achievement. You will however have the "YES/NO" choice in all subsequent playthroughs.
I had this same problem and replayed playthrough 4 3 times from chapther 2 (manual saved point) before letting it run to the end. I then gave up and then hit the forums and read this.

Cheers for the tip.

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