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Originally Posted by The Stray View Post
There's no need for complaining, although the ticker mentions they're working on fixing the ranked stuff, but that's already fixing enough for damage control, lol. :3

Its something, but thats still pretty dumb they removed simple match, thats all i did for the most part of DOA5, before going rank for the Lisa Swimsuit. Eventually i was not able to find a single gam in simple matches... so i had to remain rank but i still managed to do around 2000 simple matches...

I hate wasting time watching people fight, im no beast of the beast in fighting games, i can't memorise crazy ass combos and i play by instinc mostly. But in a lobby of 6-8 people its not enough, so i usually put Kumite to be sure to be able to play all matches but then people complain and eventually leave.

Simple Matches where perfect because you just fough one dude, and when either of you was tired, you leave and find another, thats it. Only times i would do Lobby Matches is when im with friends... where its to not play every matches. But when im i supose to do while i wait for te 5+ matches ... chill on internet? Sorry i don't play video games to spend time waiting...

Thats is my main complain.

Then the next one is the atrocious juggle system, seem now the groud is made of jello and the characters just rebound all over the place and/or stay suspended in the air like they where fighting in space... i find this dumb and i saw more dumb ass juggle combos that do 60% life damage in 4 days of playing this game, then in my whole run on DOA5 normal... and not to mention that was mostly BASS that did them before... with his big gappling combo(no juggles)

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