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Looking to knock out the online achievements. I may be on for a bit in the evening tomorrow (12/09) but would prefer to arrange something for Fri evening.

I'm out visiting a friend on Fri evening, but I have an arcade stick with turbo, so am happy to just sit in a lobby with the A button going so as to keep the fights moving. I'll be available from around 17:30pm GMT.

I'll likely not be home before midnight, so there's plenty of opportunity to get a decent amount of fights in.

Really don't care if I win or lose, as long as a good portion of the 1000 online matches can be dealt with.

I'll also be available pretty much all of Saturday, from around 13:00pm GMT onwards if anyone wants to bash out the throwdown achievements too.

PM me to arrange. Please don't randomly message me on XBL as I generally just delete messages from strangers.
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