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Originally Posted by Helios007 View Post
Could someone confirm to me how checkpoints work in 1999 Mode? Having some issues...

I've reached the point in the Emporia chapter where you go through the turnstiles to get to an elevator. Just before that I was killed. Rather than lose money, I used the reload checkpoint option. To my frustration, the game's taken me all the way back to when you enter the police station (Bull Yard I think) in the Finkton Industries chapter.

I do have a point that I can load which is the start of the Emporia chapter, but it's annoying that I have to go through a few major battles again. Did anyone else have this problem?

The checkpoints are only at where the game auto saves. So as soon as the game auto saves that's where your checkpoint is gonna be and yes some of the checkpoints go a ways back when you die.
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