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Wanted Levels - How They Work

1 Star Wanted Level:

- Fighting or killing civilians
- Shooting or causing explosions in public
- Pulling up behind a police car and honking antagonistically
- Standing too close to a cop after being warned to move
- Bumping in to a police car with your own vehicle

All of those can cause a 1 star wanted level.

Expect this to happen:

- Police will shoot if threatened with a vehicle or weapon
- Will send a helicopter at night to track you
- Arrest you (losing cash and all of your ammo, before being let out of the nearest station)
- If you die with 1 star wanted level, you'll lose more cash after being let out of the hospital
- Police will try to establish line of sight

Vehicles used:

- Police Cruiser, Maverick Helicopter and Sheriff Cruiser

2 Star Wanted Level:

Your 1 star can be escalated to 2 stars by

- Evading the police in a lengthy pursuit
- Threatening police
- Hitting a civilian or another vehicle with your own
- Trespassing in a certain area (name in supplied image)

Expect the following;

- A lone police officer will call for backup
- Police open fire immediately
- Police drive faster and more aggressively, while continuing to establish line of sight
- Police attempt to block your vehicle with their cruisers
- Shooting at a cop escalates you to a 3 star wanted level

Vehicles used

- Same as 1 star

3 Star Wanted Level:

- Killing a police officer automatically earns you a 3 star wanted level
- Trespassing on the airport does as well

Expect the following;

- Police shoot to kill
- If the helicopter spots you, police will move their search to your location
- Police become more aware of their surroundings, and find better areas to spot you
- Police drive more aggressively and attempt to ram you
- Police set up roadblocks
- The extent of the police response pursuing you is increased
- Two sharpshooters will fire on you from the helicopter

Vehicles used

- Police Transporter, Predator Boat (if you're in the water), plus previous vehicles

4 Star Wanted Level:

- Earned by trespassing in particular areas
- Police are joined by the FIB
- Heavily armed and armoured police officers arrive
- FIB agents will shoot you from their vehicles
- Will chase you anywhere, using tactics and working as a group to find you
- Will use tear gas to flush you out
- Helicopters will send down sharpshooters to join the ground forces

Vehicles used:

- FIB Cruiser, FIB SUV, Sheriff SUV, plus previous vehicles

5 Star Wanted Level:

- Multiple police helicopters will chase you
- Police will try to disable your vehicle with gunfire, and their own vehicles
- Huge amount of police and FIB agents chasing you
- Random roadblocks created by NOOSE agents

Vehicles used;

- Police Riot, plus previous vehicles

As you can see, there have been a few changes made to the Wanted system, most notably the way the police behave and the fact that you get an instant 3 star wanted level for killing a police officer! Civilians will call the police to report you, with the less populated areas allowing you to cause a little more trouble before someone snitches. Will we be able to see if someone is calling the police? Who knows, but wouldn't it be awesome to silence them as they pick up the phone?

EDIT: If anyone is interested in checking out more of the leaked guides, follow these links to see the weapons, vehicles, properties, Chop commands, Achievements, etc.

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