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I'm perhaps slightly disappointed, although I'm willing to hear from you guys that this opinion is premature as I'm only nearly done with Chapter 2. I was pretty excited to play this game from all of the raves on various boards, and I can see why people really like this game - graphics, voice acting, etc. And I think the gameplay is actually pretty good. But what's frustrating me are two things:

1. The camera - sometimes it follows too closely behind Monkey, and as a result I don't get a great view of the layout and I don't know where the game wants me to go. Even worse, there are times when enemies are charging in to the field (as shown by custscene), and when the camera goes back to me, I have absolutely no clue where they are, attacking my companion. When I try to take control of the camera, it seems to resist quite a bit, complicating the issue a bit. I can only imagine this would be fatal in later chapters.

2. Controls. Combat isn't complicated, but sometimes I feel like I just don't have great control over Monkey, particularly when I was trying to navigate through minefields or through mech fields of detection. This can be especially aggravating given the limited camera control given to the player.

Don't get me wrong, I see why people love the game, but for me the above issues just make the experience less fun and takes me out of the moment.

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