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Originally Posted by SK L4xX View Post
The only time GTA V has decent graphics is if you absolutely stand still and do nothing lol. Textures are amazing but useless if there is zero anti aliasing....when you drive on the street you can barely see anything in the background because of all the steps and flicker.... It was a big mistake not to wait for the next generation.... now you have a huge story game with awesome gameplay which looks like shit and lags as hell.... thank you rockstar... dont get me wrong graphics is the least i care but this gives me headaches....they could've at least manage to get constant 30 frames...
you just stand still and do nothing then, whatever it takes for the game to look good to you.

i highly doubt theres no anti-aliasing, ive seen plenty of gameplay footage and theres little-to- no pop ins or flicker. no lag, constant 30 frames.

i'd respect your opinion more if it weren't so wrong.

oh, and you know what will solve the turning-too-sharp problem? DONT TURN TOO SHARP!

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