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Hi guyz, just recently bought the dlc. I had finished the game maybe a year ago and obviously i don't rememebr much. So I am stuck in this territory "Eastern Wastelands" or something just before Capital Prime. I visited the underground city which is my hideout (yu know buy ammunition, race the car, speak to people etc), but how the heck can I go to the beginning of the map? In the first wasteland to find the door that commences the scorchers mission.

This thing is crazy! Any help?!
Can I Drive there? If yes how?I found Jackals territoy, and a couple other location and thats it.

Man, it drives me nuts!

Edit: I keep looking online in Rage Wiki n such and cant seem to find a solution how to get from Eastern Wasteland to just Wasteland (or Northern wasteland as the game officially calls it).

Please help guyz

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