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Originally Posted by MythJay View Post
I just had to post here after reading people telling OP to shut up moaning etc yet they're moaning about him moaning hypocrites i tell ya and yea everyone calling everyone thieves yea because im sure EVERYONE who has it early must of downloaded it because NO ONE HAS THE ORIGINAL early hell ROckstar must of leaked the version online huh anyway

OP maybe the graphics look laggy because your lens(or who's ever lens) is having problems keeping up with loading the graphics? try installing 2nd disk to hard drive as well see if that plays any better (yes i know disk 1 installs to hdd) maybe let us know how that goes

btw i aint moaning about people moaning about people moaning :P
Rockstar said to only install Disc one and advises people not to install Disk 2. Just want to let people know.

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