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Achievement Guide:

Super Fun Time 15
Completed the game in MP mode (online or local)

If you are playing the game online or split-screen, then complete all levels with 2 or more players.

If you are playing the game by yourself, you can use a second controller to get this achievement:
Play through the level as you normally would, then before exiting the level through the blue portal, join the game with a second controller by pressing the button. Complete the level and it will count towards this achievement.
See achievement ”Respect My Authoritah!” For a video on this method.

If you are playing this game solo, I recommend that you combine this achievement with the ”Respect My Authoritah!” achievement.

At the level select screen, press to see which levels that are completed in co-op.

Note: If you play with a friend on a level you haven't unlocked yet on your gamertag, you still get credit for completing it in co-op.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman & Kenny 15
Completed the game with all characters

You will need to complete all levels 4 times, once with each character.

Always check which character you need to complete the level with before starting a new level.
At the level select screen, press on a level to see which characters you have completed the level with.

Your active character at the end of a level registers as completed.

Tears of Unfathomable Sadness 15
Defeated Robo-Scott Tenorman 2.0!

Achieved after completing the level "...Best Served Chili"
Story related, cannot be missed.

Here are some general tips for the game:
  • There are a couple of items throughout the levels that you can pick up to help you out: Hearts for an extra life, Cheesy Poofs for 1UP, Snacky S'mores for full health, shields to make you temporarily invulnerable and the yellow sticks to slow down time.
  • Kill mice for an extra life.
  • If you have trouble surviving, try using Kenny and Kyle the most. Press to change character during a level.
    Kyle's ability to remove forcefields and disable robots temporarily is great for tight situations. His alter-ego, The Human Kite, is also useful because he can glide over enemies and obstacles.
    Kenny can jump over enemies and obstacles with his high jump skill. His alter-ego, Mysterion, is great when he is a ghost because he's invulnerable and every enemy he touches dies.
  • Avoid enemies if you're not going for a gold medal, except for regular ginger robots when you need a heart.
  • Choose your kills wisely when using the weapons, as they break rather easily.
  • Run past orange portals, they spawn new enemies if you kill the existing ones.

Respect my Authoritah! 20
Completed the game without dying

Completing the game without dying can be quite frustrating, so if you want to make things easier, you can join a level in progress right before the end and complete the level and it will count towards this achievement. Do this either by having a friend inviting you or playing through the level with a second controller and join in with your main gamertag by pressing the button.
You can use the method to get the “Super Fun Time” achievement at the same time.

Here's a video that shows this method:

Thank you evilz for coming up with this method.

Some levels doesn't have a blue portal and end without warning. They are:

*Pi Pi's Splashtown -- After you've done the Tenorman fight, the level ends after you ride the slide.

*Fleeing The Pee Tsunami -- After you get a small cutscene where you see the big pee wave: the level ends when you get to the top of the big tower with blue stairs.

*Leopold's Last Stand -- The ending is right after you run on top of a lift with 4 switches and a bunch of flying robots.

*Facing The Antichrist -- The level ends when you throw water bombs at the Antichrist (the little guy in the middle)

*...Best Served Chili -- The level ends when you have thrown three dynamite boxes on Tenorman's robot head.

At the level select screen, click on a level to see if you have completed the level without dying.

Note: If you play with a friend on a level you haven't unlocked yet on your gamertag, you still get credit for completing it without dying.

Super Adventure Club 15
All secrets are revealed

The secrets are hidden areas in a level that you access by going through a wall, ceiling or floor. They are hidden well, but there is a diamond in each level that reveals the secret areas by making them sparkle with white stars, making them easier to see.

Here's a video guide for the secret areas, megamen and more than enough Time Cores:

Text guide link HERE

Note: The text guide is written before a major update to the game. Before, you couldn't change characters during a level, so some parts of the text guide might be incorrect. Some locations of the time cores have been changed since then as well.
The text guide is written as the collectables appear in the level, so it should still work.

Thank you McDurbin and BeastlyPappy for your awesome work with the pre-update collectables videos.

Super Run Time 20
Gold Medal champion

For this achievement you need to get a gold medal on all the levels.

By collecting time particles, you can decrease your time below 00:00.

Defeated enemies drops time particles and there is usually a lot of time particles in the secret areas. See achievement “Super Adventure Club” for secret area locations

Be on the lookout for super time particles, the bigger ones, they are worth 8 time particles.

These are the times to beat:

South Park 2546 : -02:16
A Ginger is Born : -04:47
Red Power : -01:00
South Park Sewers : -05:40
Poop! : -05:50
Pi Pi's Splashtown : -00:53
Fleeing The Pee Tsunami : -04:25
Tynacorp Labs : -01:59
Towel Production Facility : -02:18
Manbearpig : 00:45
Park Country Dump : -03:40
Leopold's Last Stand : -03:44
Heavenly City : -05:01
War in the Clouds : -01:40
Depths of Hell : -02:00
Hot Lava : -06:20
Facing The Antichrist : 01:20
Jungles of Peru : -06:10
Temple Trouble : -03:00
Cartmanland? : -03:30
Chili Con Carnival : -03:00
...Best Served Chili : 01:41

x360a member McDurbin made a thread with videos to help with this achievement.

Halfie 10
Glass half full

Achieved after completing the level "Leopold's Last Stand"

Story related, cannot be missed.

See achievement ”Tears of Unfathomable Sadness” for general tips on the game.

Coon & Friends 10
Super Power Sampler

Each character have their own Superhero alter-egos and have power ups that can be found throughout the levels. They are:

Cartman: The Coon, leap you way up vertical walls.
Stan: Toolshed, look for special tiles to drill through.
Kenny: Mysterion, can be resurrected as a ghost and walk through things that would otherwise kill you.
Kyle: The Human Kite, glide your way across the sky to unreachable places.

Use each of them once to unlock the achievement.

Good times with Weapons 10
Used all weapons in the game once

There are five different weapons in the game. They are:
Baseball bat, crowbar, bubble gun, water bombs and "vortex gun"

Here are examples on where to find the different weapons:
Baseball bat, crowbar and bubble gun can all be found on the first level, South Park 2546.
Water bombs can be found on the level Pi Pi's Splashtown.
“Vortex gun” can be found on the level Park County Dump, during the Tenorman fight.

Use them all on an enemy to unlock the achievement.

Ultra-Mega-Mega Man! 10
Collected all megamen in the game

All levels except the boss levels have three megamen: one red, one green and one yellow.
Most of them are located in areas which you need a character specific power up to gain access to.

The megamen and time cores only count for the host, not other players.

See the achievement “Super Adventure Club” for a guide on these.

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