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A few of mine:

- Anti-Aliasing is poor. Jagged edges everywhere. Even just a filter on the edges of buildings and the road would be fine. But its neglected everywhere. Its made me wonder what exactly we where watching when they showed us "real game footage". Because thats bullshit. Although im getting used to it now, its a bit of a let down.

- Traffic still pisses me off. You hit a car and they just decide "oh i didnt wear a seatbelt so im just going to die". It happened a few times in IV and it was funny. Now every bump I do seems to result in the driver dieing. The only problem with this is now your stuck with a car that wont get the fuck out of your way, which is even worse for my next point.

- Cops. Easy to get away from, absolute bitch for them to give up the search. 5+ min just on 1 star? No thanks. Even breaking their line of sight and hiding above/bellow them, down an alley way or whatever will still reset the chase. Even stopping completely does nothing to make the chase end quicker. Also something needs to be done about cops hitting YOU. Im not the fucking one that can't drive, dont go arresting me for your poor judgement.

- AI driving lines in car races are still scripted. This means that cars will just brake for no reason going down a straight when you should be doing 150km+. Left turn coming up? Better make sure im as far right as possible before doing so.

Thats my bitch. Are they bad enough to make me stop playing GTA:V? Hell no!

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