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Originally Posted by Ham Woopan View Post
Are we in 2010? Developers have been doing this for quite a while. It's more of an incentive to buy the special edition so you can get bonuses in-game. Don't want the special edition? Then no bonuses for you. I know someone's going to say "but it's not the full game! They take stuff out and charge us!" No. Again, they want to give something extra to the fans that are willing to pay $20-$50 more.

This is completely opposite of Capcom. Capcom rips stuff out from the main game and puts it on the marketplace to be sold for profit. Regardless of any special edition. They also will release on-disc DLC for profit anywhere between the release date and a couple of months afterwards.

But no, be angry. Clearly Rockstar is such a money-grubbing company right? They churn out game and after game with minimal improvement and everybody hates them right?

You must not see the downside to on disc DLC. Also how is this rewarding when I am paying $20 extra for on disc DLC that is going to be sold in a month or two for $5??
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