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I really don't like the characters...From a story point? Yeah they are nicely done. You got the "new guy", the washed up has been and Trevor. But Franklin is too much like CJ... and I didn't like CJ one bit. But aside from that I think every character has a nice story arc, if you wanna call it like that, and adds to the story. Except, as I said before, Franklin...I don't like him. Since the character selection thingy has a fourth slot I was hoping they would add a fourth character... Like a secret twist or something...But now I suppose it's just for the dog... Man, I don't even like Franklins dog... And I love dogs usually.

But from a gameplay perspective? I'm not fond of the three seperate characters. The money you get from properties isn't shared, which is totally understandable but still annoying. And the switching in missions seems kinda forced. The "signature cars" are also kinda lame (but maybe I just don't know how to change them aside from "tuning"). Oh and getting the 25% discount in ammu-nation for a gold medal in all the challenges? Yeah, that isn't shared as well. That's annoying as hell... I mean, aside from two challenges, they aren't really difficult, but... I did them all already...

And since I'm a big fan of customization: I find the character customization options a little bit lackluster... But I have that problem with most games, so I wouldn't hold that against them...

Oh and making money aside from missions is still a mystery to me...

So I guess thats my 2 cents.

PS: Seriously Franklin can go make love to himself
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