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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Rights of Use:
This guide is for the use of x360a only and may not be used without the consent of the authors (BiggD &
Barad) or Website Admin.

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Special Thanks:
~ Creasy47
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Useful Links:
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+ GTA Online Platinum Awards (By xhunterrrr)
+ Interactive Collectibles Guide (By RoosterTeeth)
+ GTA V Encyclopedia & FAQ (By Callum x360a)
+ 100% Completion Guide (By PowerPyx & Darth_Krid)
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- Estimated difficulty: 5/10
- Offline achievements: 32/49 (665)
- Online achievements: 17/49 (335)
- Approximate time: 150 + Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 6 (Please check the "WARNING" in the Roadmap below - TP Industries Arms Race, Red Mist, Kifflom!, Three Man Army, Altruist Acolyte, & Wanted: Alive or Alive.)
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements:Yes, cheats will disable achievements for that session


Ladies and gentlemen, Grand Theft Auto V is here and it is certainly the most phenomenal game that the year has to offer. Set in the state of San Andreas, GTA V follows the story of three very different men as they pursue the criminal underworld in pursuit of man’s greatest goal: lots and lots of money. The game is presented in an open world format, which can be freely roamed at your own pace. Unlike previous titles, the entirety of San Andreas (Los Santos and Blaine County) is open from the start, so you can choose to explore the world before taking on the Single Player missions, side activities, and everything else San Andreas has to offer. Achievement wise, your time will be split pretty evenly between the Single Player portion of the game, and the Multiplayer portion of the game: GTA Online. Please take note however, that GTA Online does not launch until October 1st. Overall, you’ll need to dedicate 150+ hours towards GTA V in order to see the game complete. I know for a fact that each and every hour you invest into this game will be worth it. Be prepared for one of the most entertaining gaming experiences you will have, and remember, have fun!


Like any open-world Single Player title there is no suggested or recommend order in how you should go about your playthrough. Keep in mind however, that you will need to complete the main storyline, earn a Gold Medal in a few hobbies and pastimes, uncover the entire map, and obtain a total of 70 Gold Medals between the story missions and side missions. Since there is so much to do in the world, you might get a little overwhelmed at time; so play at a comfortable pace and make sure to spread out your play time between all three characters and all the different missions and activities. Take note that during the story missions, you will be given the option to skip the entirety of a mission if you die more than five times. Do NOT skip at this point or else the story-related achievement(s) tied to that mission will not unlock.

GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online offers an open world experience to be shared with other gamers. It extracts numerous elements from the Single Player, most notably the countless activities and missions to participate in while blending Online components such as matchmaking and shared free roam. There are several ways to launch the Online. When booting the game up, you can click on the loading screen to join an Online lobby immediately. If you prefer to host your own lobby, allow the Single Player to load. From here, pause your game and scroll over to the "Online" tab. Click "Play GTA Online" and you can now choose to host a Closed Crew Session, Closed Friends Session, Solo Session, or Public Session.

While working your way towards Rank 100 or earning at least 30 Platinum Awards, you will want to make sure to rob all 20 stores around San Andreas, participate in all ten activities, and obtain first place in all fifteen competitive game modes the Online has to offer. There are a few achievements that are tied directly to these game modes, such as winning a Rally Race as a Co-Driver, clearing all ten waves in Survival Mode and completing a Gang Attack without dying. Furthermore, some achievements are Rank specific which include surviving a bounty for a full day, buying real estate, calling in gang backup, and killing a thief who mugged you. Overall, there are no missable Online achievements, so sit back, have fun and "enjoy your stay" on GTA Online.


There are several achievements that are not directly tied to the story and side missions. Tasks such as surviving three minutes on a 3-Star chase, fully modifying both a weapon and vehicle, and making profit in the stock market are just the premise of these miscellaneous achievements. There are also four achievements that can only be obtained while playing as a Trevor, and one achievement that only Michael can work on. Be sure to get these done early on in your playthrough. You will also need to take into consideration that there are 245 collectibles in this game in the form of space ship parts (50), letter scraps (50), toxic waste (30), stunt jumps (50) and aerial challenges (65).

WARNING (POTENTIAL SPOILER): Towards the end of the game, Devin will arrive at Franklin's house and inform him on his next job. CHOOSE OPTION "C" or else you can miss the following achievements if you haven't already obtained them: TP Industries Arms Race, Red Mist, Kifflom!, Three Man Army, Altruist Acolyte, & Wanted: Alive or Alive.

Mop Up

If you have missed any Single Player or Online achievements during your time on Grand Theft Auto V, hop back into either portion of the game for a clean up of whatever it is you still need to work on. Chances are you will need to hunt down some more collectibles, work on your Gold Medals for Single Player, grind out Platinum Awards for GTA Online, or even continue your journey towards that epic Rank 100. At any rate, make sure you snag the remainder of these achievements before putting this game back on the shelf!


This game is bound to leave any gamer fully satisfied. From the moment the game is booted up, everything Grand Theft Auto V has to offer is near perfection. With one of the most beautifully crafted open-worlds and cast of characters and missions, GTA V is a fantastic game that should not be overlooked by anyone. The achievements may take a very long time to complete, but it is more grinding than it is difficult. Let us appreciate the gem that Rockstar has given us before the next generation of consoles in November. GTA V is definitely one of – if not THE – most entertaining video game of this current generation.

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