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Solid Gold, Baby! 50
Earn any 70 Gold Medals on Missions, Strangers and Freaks.

All of the story and side missions (Strangers and Freaks) in GTA V have specific requirements that will net you a Gold Medal if you complete them all. These requirements range from completing a mission under a certain amount of time, getting a specific number of headshots, completing the mission with average accuracy, etc.

Fear not, for the requirements do not all have to be completed in one run of the mission and there a total of about 117 missions to work with. Once you complete a mission, you can replay them by pausing your game and going to the “Game” tab in the paused menu. Here, you pick and choose which missions you would like to replay as well as see which requirements you have left to work on.

Be sure to visit THIS THREAD for a breakdown of every Gold Medal requirement for all the missions in the game. Additionally, you can view THIS THREAD for what some community members believe to be the easiest missions to Gold Medal.

Career Criminal 100
Attain 100% Game Completion.

In order to obtain full 100% completion in GTA V and unlock this achievement, you will need to complete the following requirements:

Story Missions
  • Complete all 69 Story missions
Strangers and Freaks
  • Complete the following 20 Stranger and Freaks side missions
    • Pulling Favors
    • Pulling Another Favor
    • Pulling Favors Again
    • Still Pulling Favors
    • Pulling One Last Favor
    • Shift Work
    • Paparazzo
    • Paparazzo - The Sex Tape
    • Paparazzo - The Partnership
    • Paparazzo - Reality Check
    • A Starlet in Vinewood
    • Grass Roots - Franklin
    • Grass Roots - The Smoke-In
    • Exercising Demons - Franklin
    • Far Out
    • The Final Frontier
    • Risk Assessment
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Targeted Risk
    • Uncalculated Risk
Random Events
  • Complete at least 14 out of the 57 random events
Hobbies & Pastimes
  • Complete the following 42 Hobbies/Pastimes
    • Shooting Range - Handguns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range - Sub-Machine Guns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range - Assault Rifles (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range - Shotguns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range - Light Machine Guns (Win 3 Medals)
    • Shooting Range - Heavy (Win 3 Medals)
    • Street Race - South Los Santos (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race - Circuit City (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race - Airport (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race - Freeway (Win a Medal)
    • Street Race - Vespucci Canals (Win a Medal)
    • Win at Tennis
    • Play 9 holes of Golf and finish even or below par
    • Win at Darts
    • Get a private dance at the Strip Club
    • Triathlon - Vespucci Canals (Win a Medal)
    • Triathlon - Alamo Sea (Win a Medal)
    • Triathlon - Coyote Cross Country (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 1 - Canyon Cliffs (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 2 - Ridge Run (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 3 - Minward Spiral (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 4 - Valley Trail (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 5 - Lakeside Splash (Win a Medal)
    • Off Road Race 6 - Eco Friendly (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Training Take Off (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Runway Landing (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Inverted Flight (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Knife Flight (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Flat Hatting (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Touchdown (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Loop the Loop (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Helicopter Course (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Helicopter Speed Run (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Skydiving (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Drop Zone (Win a Medal)
    • Flight School - Earn Your Wings (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race - East Coast (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race - North East Coast (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race - Raton Canyon (Win a Medal)
    • Sea Race - Los Santos (Win a Medal)
    • Parachuting - Complete all Base Jumps
    • Parachuting - Complete all Heli Jumps
  • Complete the following 16 Miscellaneous activities around San Andreas
    • Purchase any 5 Properties
    • Purchase a vehicle from a website
    • Collect 50 Space Ship parts
    • Collect 50 Letter Scraps
    • Walk and play fetch with Chop
    • Collect a Booty Call
    • Receive a Prostitute Service
    • Hold Up a Store
    • Complete 25 Under the Bridge Challenges
    • Complete 8 Knife Flight Challenges
    • Complete 25 Stunt Jumps
    • Visit the Cinema
    • Friend Activity - Visit a Bar
    • Friend Activity - Visit the Cinema
    • Friend Activity - Visit the Strip Club
    • Friend Activity - Play Darts
Be sure to link your gamertag to Rockstar's Social Club website in order to keep track of your progress towards this achievement!

San Andreas Sightseer 30
Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County.

The entire island of San Andreas is open from the start; however, the world will be hidden on your map by dark clouds of fog until you have explored that area. Once you have explored a certain section of the map, the fog will clear up and you can see the map as normal.

Even though most of the map will be uncovered through natural story progression, the best way to uncover the map quickly would be to use a plane or helicopter. Unlike cars, aircraft will uncover the world much faster as opposed to maneuvering through every street, mountain pass or body of water. Once you have cleared up about 98% of the island and the surrounding waters, the achievement will unlock.

All's Fare in Love and War 10
Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

You will eventually come to a point in the main storyline where you can begin to purchase property around the city of Los Santos. Owning a piece of property not only allows you to use their services for free, but you will also net a substantial weekly income as well.

For this achievement, you will want to purchase the Downtown Cab Company which is located on Tangerine Street in East Vinewood. This will set you back $200,000 and can only be bought as Franklin. Now, wait until the manager, Raul, calls you. When he does, he will have a private fare ready for you. Accept this job offer and the letter "P" will appear on the world map. Pick up the customer at the "P" icon and drive them to their destination. When you get there, they might need help with a small mission or they will simply get out of the car and pay you right away. Once you are paid, the achievement will unlock.

TP Industries Arms Race 10
Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.

While playing as Trevor, you will need to complete the two story missions "Mr. Philips" and "Nervous Ron" before you can buy properties around San Andreas. Upon completing the latter mission, the game will inform you about property buying.

You can actually purchase the McKenzie Field Hanger for $150,000 as soon as you finish the "Nervous Ron" mission, as you will have just enough cash and the mission ends right outside the hanger.

Once purchased, you can begin undertaking trafficking missions for Oscar, who you meet after making the purchase. Arms Trafficking missions are performed in the Cuban 800 airplane parked in the hanger and in the BF Dune Buggy parked outside the hanger. Enter either vehicle in order to receive instructions from Oscar. After completing a mission, you will either need to travel some distance and return in order for the next mission to be available, or quick save and reload your saved file. All in all, there are five of each trafficking missions (air and ground) and the achievement will unlock once all ten are completed.

Multi-Disciplined 30
Attain a gold medal in all applicable hobbies and pastimes.

In GTA V, there are over 60 hobbies and pastimes available around San Andreas. Some of these include Taxi Missions, Races, Parachuting, Triathlons, Sports and more.

For this achievement, you only have to worry about obtaining ONE Gold Medal in the following activities:
  • Flight School
  • Off-Road Race
  • Sea Race
  • Street Race
  • Shooting Range
  • Triathlon
Franklin's very first Strangers & Freaks Mission, "Shift Work," will count as a Street Race for this achievement even if you did not get a Gold Medal on it. For the Triathlons, Sea Races and Off-Road Races, you only need to get 1st place to obtain a Gold Medal. For the Flight School and Shooting Range, you only have to worry about getting a Gold Medal in one of the many challenges available. This achievement can be done with any character, so don't worry about keeping track of who does what!

A huge thanks to Callum x360a for confirmation on this achievement.

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