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From Beyond the Stars 15
Collect and return all spaceship parts.

While playing as Franklin, you will eventually encounter a mission called, “Far Out One”, which will be designated on your map by a green question mark icon. This mission will be direct you to a man named Omega in east Sandy Shore. He will recount a ridiculous tale about an alien ship that crashed in San Andreas and it is up to you to recover all 50 space ship parts for him.

Although this is a Franklin-only mission, you can still recover the ship parts while playing as Michael and Trevor. Each collectible will have a bright gold aura and emit a small humming sound when you are near them. Keep in mind that some parts can only be reached with a helicopter, but you can easily get one from the Los Santos Hospital helipad. If you don't know where that is, jump to 10:39 in the video below and you will see its location. Once you have collected all 50 parts, return them to Omega and the achievement, plus a very unique vehicle, will be yours.

Refer to A Mystery, Solved for a great tip on how to collect the space ship parts quicker, using the taxis in the game, if you do not always have a helicopter.

A Mystery, Solved 15
Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.

There are 50 hidden Letter Scraps scattered all over San Andreas and they can be picked up with any character at any time during the game. These letters are small, glowing pieces of paper that were left behind by a serial killer in San Andreas. Like the space ship parts, some of these scraps can only be reached with a helicopter.

After finding all 50 scraps, proceed to the newly discovered green question mark icon in Rockford Hills while playing as Franklin. There, you will meet Leonora Johnson's killer, Peter Dreyfuss. After a short cutscene, it is up to you in deciding Dreyfuss's fate. Regardless of what you do to the man, the achievement will unlock after your decision is made.

It is recommended to work on both set of collectibles after you have purchased the Downtown Cab Company as Franklin. Once you own the company, taxi rides will be free. If you are following the videos, you can just set a waypoint to the next collectible and fast travel to your destination through the taxi cab. Make sure to whistle when you get out of the cab so it stays there while you grab the collectible. Credit goes to WalterWhite for this brilliant idea.

Waste Management 15
Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste.

Before you can begin collecting the 30 Nuclear Waste collectibles, you will need to buy the Sonar Collections Dock - located in Blaine County - for $250,000. This property can be purchased by any of the three characters and will only be available after completing the "The Merryweather Heist" story mission.

In order to pick up the nuclear waste, which is scattered around the ocean floor, you need to use the yellow submarine that always spawns at the docks of this property. Buying the docks will also give you a new app called "Trackify," which will automatically turn on when entering the submarine as it provides a sonar radar that points to the nearest collectible. The order of collectibles in the video below matches with the order of the Trackify app. The app will not mark any of the waste on your in-game world map and sometimes, a piece of waste is extremely far away on a different part of the coast; so be sure to follow the video to a tee. The submarine is also VERY slow, so if you're trying to collect all the nuclear waste in one run, it will take around two hours.

Fortunately, collecting all the nuclear waste will help uncover the ocean on your map if it is not already cleared up. In addition to this, you will earn $23,000 per piece of nuclear waste you find if you collect them with the character who purchased the Docks, and an additional $250,000 bonus after finding the last piece of waste.

Red Mist 20
Complete all Rampages.

Rampages are a form of Strangers and Freaks missions that are only available when playing as Trevor. Like all Strangers and Freaks missions, the first Rampage will appear as an orange question mark on your map. After that, their icon is an Orange Skull but they will not appear on the map until the mission "Friends Reunited" is completed. The goal of these missions is to defeat the required number of enemies in the time allotted. You do not incur a Wanted Level during the challenges which is the fun part.

Overall, there are five different Rampages to complete. The first Rampage will be available after completing the “Trevor Philips Industries” story mission. Below, you can check out where each Rampage is located.
  • Rampage 1 – Sandy Shores on Marina Drive
  • Rampage 2 – Corner of Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street in Rancho, Los Santos
  • Rampage 3 – In an alley on Forum Drive in Chamberlin Hills, Los Santos
  • Rampage 4 – Fort Zancudo Approach in Great Chaperral
  • Rampage 5 – Mirror Park, Los Santos
Upon completing all five Rampages, the achievement will unlock.

Show Off 30
Complete all Stunt Jumps.

Within the world of San Andreas, you will come across a total of 50 stunt jumps that you will need to complete for this achievement. Having the right vehicle for each jump is extremely significant. Usually, a fast sports car or motorbike is key for nailing the jumps at top speed; however, certain jumps are more restrictive with their “landing zone” so you may need a slower vehicle. With this said, knowing where to land each Stunt Jump is half the battle. You can land the jump as much as you’d like, but if you do not land in the desired location, it will not count.

The Stunt Jumps are scattered throughout the city Los Santos and valleys of Blaine County. Keep in mind that Franklin is the character of choice for these Stunt Jumps, as his special ability can help make a last second adjustment in mid air or as you are going to launch off the ramp of a jump.

Tip: It is recommended to use your in-game cellphone to quick save before every Stunt Jump. Using this method is great for ensuring that you will never lose any progress if you die or destroy your vehicle. If you fail a jump, just reload your saved file and you will be sitting in your vehicle right in front of the Stunt Jump you just saved your progress at. This is great for saving time instead of having to find a new vehicle or line up the jump again.

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