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Kifflom! 30
Complete your path to enlightenment... or not.

This achievement can only be obtained while playing as Michael and involves a very long process of tedious missions and monetary donations. To begin, pull up your in-game cellphone and access the internet. Type in "Epsilon" in the search bar, click on the first website that comes up, and complete the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation on the homepage. As soon as you quit out of the internet, there will be a new Strangers and Freaks mission on your map in Raton Canyon. Approach the red truck there and watch the cutscene that ensues. Following this cutscene, Michael will receive an email informing him to donate $500 to the Epsilon website in order to unlock the next mission.

After making the donation and a few in-game days have passed, head to the next Epsilon icon on your map near the corner of Clinton Avenue and Alta Street in Downtown Vinewood. Complete this mission and you will need to donate another $5,000 through their website. During the next mission, you be required to deliver five vehicles to the Epsilon Garage in Vinewood Hills. You will be sent a photo of each vehicle to your cellphone in order to help track them down. If you have a lot of spare cash, access the internet on your cellphone and open the "Travel and Transport" menu. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website and buy the following vehicles:
  • Enus Super Diamond - $250,000
  • Pegassi Vacca - $240,000
  • Benefactor Surano - $99,000
These purchased cars will be sent directly to Michael's garage. If you do not have the cash for these three vehicles, all five can be found throughout the city of Los Santos (if you need further guidance, the video below shows these vehicle locations starting at 2:31):
  • The Pegassi Vacca can be found parked on Wild Oats Drive in front of a house in Vinewood Hills
  • The Benefactor Surano is sitting in a parking lot in the cul-de-sac of the Lake Vinewood Estates
  • The Declasse Tornado can be found in a parking lot at the "Domestic - Japanese - European" Garage in Hawick (2 blocks East of Ammu-Nation gun shop 2/9 on map legend)
  • The Enus Super Diamond is parked behind Leopold's on Dorset Drive in Rockford Hills (2 blocks South of Ponsonbys clothing store 1/3 on the map legend)
  • The Double-T Motorcycle is parked in one of the spaces next to the Lifeinvader offices on Boulevard Del Perro.

After delivering all five vehicles to the Epsilon Garage, you will need to complete another short mission. After this, you will need to make TWO $5,000 donations to the website for the next mission to appear, which tasks you with buying the Epsilon Robes from their website for $25,000. You must now wear the robes for 10 straight days, so return to Michael's house and simply sleep for 10 days straight in order to speed this up. Once this task has been completed, you will receive a text from Jimmy Boston asking you to go Fort Zancudo; complete the next mission there. Following this, proceed to the next Epsilon icon when it appears on your map and make sure you are still wearing the Robes. Talk to the crew there and they will inform you that you need to wander 5 miles in the desert. Distance covered is tracked onscreen above your radar after every 0.1 mile.

Tip: Wrapping a rubber band around the controller's thumbsticks will continuously move Michael in a circle so that you do not have to sit there during the mission. Just be careful not to wonder outside the desert of the tracker will reset.

After completing this dreadful task, make sure you have $50,000 on hand and head over to the Epsilon Center in West Vinewood when the mission appears. Complete this final mission in any way you'd like (to obtain the Gold Medal for this mission; drive to the drop off point, kill the helicopter crew, security guards and back up security, and then drive off with the money) and the achievement is finally yours!

Three Man Army 20
Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

The earliest you can attempt this achievement is after the "Friends Reunited" story mission, as this is when all three characters will be available to use within the game. Open up your cellphone, go to "Contacts" and call either one of your partners requesting to hangout. Sometimes your partners may not always be available to hangout because they are sleeping, have an immediate story mission that needs to be completed, or you just did a mission with them. Just keep making calls during your time off-mission until they both are available to hangout.

Once you've requested to hangout with either one, a new stickman icon will appear on your map. This is the location of the person you have just called. Head there, pick them up and then call the other character. Make sure you have a four-door car when picking them up!

Now in order to obtain a 3 Star Wanted level, you will need to either kill a police officer or trespass an airport. Both of these methods will get you 3 Stars right away, however it is recommended to trespass the airport as you can simply drive laps around the immediate area until three minutes have passed. It is also highly recommended to use a car in which you have bought bulletproof tires. Once three minutes have elapsed during the chase, the achievement will unlock. For further explanation on how the Wanted Levels work, CLICK HERE.

Out of Your Depth 5
You're gonna need a bigger boat...

At any time during your playthrough, make your way to the beach in Western Los Santos and hop into a jet ski near the pier. Drive out into the ocean until the water is dark blue, as this is where you can generally find sharks if you wait long enough (you will know if a shark is nearby when there is a red dot on your mini-map). Once a shark appears, hop off your jet ski and dive underwater. The shark will ignore you at first, but once it gets close it will finally eat you and the achievement will unlock.

Altruist Acolyte 5
Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.

During your playthrough, you will sometimes notice your mini-map quickly flash white followed by a flashing red/blue blip. This notifies you that there is a Random Event at that blip. These events range from catching a thief; to gang shootouts and giving a stranger a lift back home. For this achievement, you will need to be playing as Trevor and wait until you encounter a hitchhiker or drunk pedestrian who needs a ride home.

After the story mission, "Friends Reunited," you will arrive in Los Santos and already be playing as Trevor. Around the block from Floyd's safehouse, you will encounter a drunk couple who needs a ride home. You should use this time to get the achievement.

When you pick up the stranger, you will receive a popup notification on your the top left corner of your screen informing you that Trevor can bring them to the Altruist Camp in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness (Northern Blaine County). A white “A” icon will appear on your map immediately. If you set a waypoint to the Altruist Camp, you can follow the new purple route instead of the yellow route that directs you to their house. Once you arrive at the Camp, Trevor escorts them to the front gate where the cannibals take them off your hands. At this point, you will unlock the achievement.

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