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A Lot of Cheddar 20
Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.

This achievement is extremely straight forward; keep purchasing weapons, vehicle mods, properties, and stocks in order to gain progress towards the $200 million mark. Purchasing properties will be extremely costly; however, the advantage to owning multiple properties at once is that your weekly income will net you a substantial amount of cash which can then be used to buy other things. As for stocks, you will want to invest your money in profitable companies, then sell your share(s) a few days later if they have made profit. In fact, if you are looking for a great way to make some cash off the five Assassination missions while playing as Franklin, refer to THIS THREAD.

Quickest Method: After you have collected your share of money from the "Big Score" mission, you should have around $20 million per each character. Pick any character and invest ALL your money in any stock market. Now IMMEDIATELY SELL ALL your stocks right away to get all your money back. If you do this ten times, the achievement will unlock in a short amount of time because investing money in the stock market counts as spending money for the achievement. Credit goes to DavoK87 and x S 7 R I K E Z for this method!

Trading Pure Alpha 10
Make a profit over your total investments in the stock market.

At any time during your playthrough, open your cell phone and access the Internet. From here, select the “Money & Services” tab and choose any of the stock markets listed. Now select “Markets” and buy any stock that is rising; you can tell which market is gaining profit by the green arrow next to their name. You can buy any amount of stock you’d like, but one is enough for this achievement.

You will now need wait at least 12 in-game hours and before returning to the stocks page. When enough time has passed, click on “My Portfolio” under the "Money & Services" tab, sell your purchased stock for a profit and the achievement will unlock.

Pimp My Sidearm 10
Fully mod a weapon.

This achievement can be easily done after completing the fourth story mission when you gain control of Michael outside the car dealership. At this point in the story, he will have around $7,500.

Make you way to the nearest Ammu-Nation gun store and select the “Standard Handgun” Pistol. Purchase all five upgrades and the achievement will unlock. This will only set you back approximately $3,381 in total:
  • Extended Clip - $387
  • Flashlight – $472
  • Suppressor - $1,822
  • Army Tint - $100
  • LSPD Tint – $600
Alternatively, if you have a Rockstar Social Club account and your gamertag is linked to it, you will be given a free weapon (Assault SMG) when you start the game. All of the mods for this weapon are also free, so head to an Ammu-Nation store and equip both the SMG and all the attachments in order to unlock the achievement. The SMG can be found on the right side of the wall when browsing through the weapon selection.

Wanted: Alive or Alive 10
Deliver a bail bond target alive.

Bail Bond missions are only available for Trevor. After finishing his first mission, "Mr. Philips," make your way to the orange question mark icon on the map in Grapeseed. This will lead you to Maude, who will regularly send you emails of Bail Bond targets with their last know location.

The first Bail Bond mission you receive will task you with capturing Ralph Ostrowski, who will be located in the middle of the Davis Quartz Quarry. This area is located just South-East of Trevor’s safehouse. Once you arrive at the quarry, head on through the entrance and continue straight on. A set of train tracks should be on your left and you'll then come to a fork in the road; go right. Make another right at the next fork in the road and proceed up the hill.

You will now be positioned at the top of the quarry where the road will spiral down into the center. This is where the Bail Bond target is located. Make your way down there and Ralph will jump into his vehicle and begin drive away. Shoot out his tires to immobilize his vehicle and pull him out of the car. Now get back into your own vehicle with him and return to Maude for your achievement.

If you have missed your chance in obtaining this achievement on the first Bail Bond target, do not worry, there are a few more targets Maude sends you throughout the game. If you need help locating a Bail Bond target, be sure to check out THIS THREAD for a good map of each target's location.

Los Santos Customs 10
Fully mod a vehicle.

After the story mission, "Father/Son," you can begin customizing your vehicles at the Los Santos Customs shops. These shops will be marked as a spray paint can on your map. Since each car varies from mods and price tags, there is no set vehicle to use for this achievement. Just make sure you purchase one of every upgrade from each section in the customize menu when inside the shop. Depending on your vehicle and which mod suits your taste, you will need to save upwards to at least $40,000 to fully mod your car.

Take note that the achievement only unlocks once you exit Los Santos Customs. Many people are also overlooking the fact that you need to buy one of each Wheel Accessory: Custom Tires, Bulletproof Tires & Smoke Tires; and the Chrome finish in addition to any other regular respray (Classic, Matte, Metallic).

Close Shave 20
Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.

There are two types of Aerial Challenges in GTA V; Under the Bridges and Knife Flights. Under the Bridge challenges task you with simply flying under 50 bridges across the world, while Knife Flights require you to “knife” your plane through two buildings. There are 15 Knife Flights located around San Andreas.

If you have tested the Flight School challenges in the Los Santos International Airport, you will already be familiar with what a knife is and how to perform one. If not, a knife is when you roll the plane on its side using the left thumbstick so the wings are vertical with the horizon. To maintain altitude while in this position, hold the opposite rudder ( or ). For example, if you rolled left and are trying to maintain a left knife, hold . It is recommended to perform the Knife Flight challenges in a slow plane such as the stunt plane or a biplane like a crop duster. You can steal a crop duster around Trevor’s McKenzie Field airstrip as they often land there.

Unlike the Knife Flights, Under the Bridge challenges can be completed in any aircraft. You will find out, however, that some aircraft types are much easier than others, depending on the bridge you’re trying to fly under. The Buzzard Helicopter is strongly recommended for these challenges. Also, Trevor is the logical character when going for this achievement because he starts off with the highest piloting skill.

You can find helicopters in Vespucci, and planes at any airport or McKenzie Field (Trevor’s airstrip). You can also purchase planes and helicopters online (, as well as military helicopters on Remember, if either your helicopter, jet, or plane gets significantly damaged, use the quick save and immediately reload the game. Your aircraft will automatically be repaired when you are loaded back into the game. Also be sure to use of quick save before attempting the harder Under the Bridge and Knife Flight Stunts.

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