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Backseat Driver 10
GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

Rally Mode Races can be launched through the regular Land Races that are found around Los Santos. When you enter the blue circle of the Race start, a Settings Menu will immediately drop down. Change the "Race Type" to Rally Mode and now invite your partner(s). Take note that the Rally Mode Race can only begin if there is an even amount of players in the lobby.

In the "Settings Menu", assign your partner to the "Preferred Driver" and select which role you would like to be, whether it is Driver or Co-Driver. The Driver - obviously - will maneuver the vehicle throughout the race but will not be able to see the checkpoints. It is up to the Co-Driver to direct the Driver throughout the course as only they are able to see the checkpoints.

Communication is KEY while going for this achievement. If your Co-Driver is not giving you precise directions, the Driver will have no idea where to go. Once your Driver has crossed the finished line in first place, whoever is taking the role of the Co-Driver will unlock the achievement.

Run Like The Wind 20
GTA Online: Survive with a Bounty on your head.

Before you can attempt this achievement, you must be a Rank 10. Now Lester will give you a call, so head over to his house for a short cutscene where he informs you about Bounties. Load up a Private Lobby with a friend who is also a Rank 10 and have each player call Lester. There will be an option to "Place a Bounty" on a player in the lobby for a minimum of $2,000. Place a bounty on each other and simply wait for 24 in-game hours (45 minutes real-time) to pass.

Be sure NOT to kill each other, or it will void the achievement; however, if an NPC kills you, it does not void the time. Furthermore, if you decide to perform any activity within the world, the timer will pause; so make sure both of you just stand still until time has elapsed.

Take note that you can get kicked for inactivity if you are standing idled for too long! To avoid getting kicked out of the lobby and ruining your progress towards the achievement, it is recommended to either cruise around the city in a car or hang out in your apartment - if you have one - until the achievement unlocks.

Alternatively, you can try to get this achievement solo if you do not have anyone to place a bounty on you. Often times, when you hijack enough vehicles during your online session, the NPC you hijacked will text you with a threatening message informing you that they are going to get back at you. Shortly after, Lester will call you and let you know that the NPC has placed a bounty on you. If this happens, follow the method above in order to pass 24 in-game hours.

Clean Sweep 10
GTA Online: Finish a Gang Attack without dying and kill at least 10 enemies.

Gang Attacks will only unlock once you have reached Rank 18. After hitting this Rank, you will receive a phone call from Martin informing you of local gangs hanging around San Andreas. Your goal is to terminate these gangs from their hideouts.

Gang Attacks are indicated by large, yet faint, red circles on your mini-map. Take note that these red circles DO NOT appear on the world, so keep your eyes peeled when cruising around Los Santos and Blaine County. Once you enter the circle, the Gang Attack will begin as AI gang members will start attacking you. You will need to eliminate the entire group of gang members - ranging anywhere from 15 to 30 enemies - until the area is clear. Simply survive the entire assault without dying and get at least ten kills.

While this can be done on your own, it would be beneficial to work on this with at least one other player. This way, your partner can take all the damage and clear out the rest of the gang hideout once you have obtained your ten kills. The achievement will unlock once the Gang Attack is complete. If you need help locating the Gang Attacks, please visit THIS LINK.

Decorated 50
GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards.

There are a total of 85 Awards available Grand Theft Auto Online. These Awards are essentially a set of small challenges that range from getting a certain number of kills with a weapon to changing your outfit a number of times and winning a few rounds of the different sports and around San Andreas.

While most Awards have different tiers of medals - Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum - there are exactly 22 challenges that will net you a Platinum Award upon immediate completion. Once you have earned at least 30 Platinums, you will unlock the achievement. Remember, you can always check your progress for these Awards by following these steps: PAUSE > STATS > AWARDS.

Please utilize THIS THREAD for a checklist of all 85 Online Awards! This link also points out the 22 Platinum-only Awards and will provide great tips on how to get the easiest Awards during your Online play.

Stick Up Kid 10
GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.

Shortly after finishing your first official job for Lamar, he will give you a call and fill you in on your next Job in which you will have to hold up a store for some cash. After the phone call, pull up your cellphone and click "Jobs List." Activate the sole Job available and follow the waypoint to the nearby gas station. Once you are there, head inside and hold up the store by pointing your gun at the cashier. As he is filling up a bag with money, you can shoot at him to make him move faster. After he hands over the bag, exit the store and lose your Wanted Level.

Now open up your world map and scroll down the map legend with the D-pad until you get to the store icon. Here, you can filter through each of the 20 stores around San Andreas and set waypoints to their location. Take note that you can rob multiple stores in one go.

For the quickest method in obtaining this achievement, try to hit as many stores possible before the police manage to kill you. Also, instead of waiting for the cashier to fill the bag with money, punch him or kill him right away and press when behind the register to empty it yourself.

You may notice the store you just robbed disappears from your world map, but don't worry; it still counts so long as you collected the money inside. It disappears because the shop "closes down" after being robbed. If for whatever reason you lose track of your progress while working on this, you can tell which store has been successfully robbed by the indication of a small green check mark next to their icon on the world map.

Enjoy Your Stay 20
GTA Online: Participate in everything Los Santos has to offer.

The world of San Andreas has a plethora of activities to indulge yourself in during your time Online. Such activities may range from races to parachuting, all the way to playing sports and grooming your character at the local barbershop. Below, you will find a checklist outlining the activities required or this achievement. As with the Platinum Awards, you can check your progress towards these activities by following these steps: PAUSE > STATS > UNLOCKS > PROGRESS.

You will notice there are far more activities listed in the Progress Menu than there are in the checklist below; however, the only activities that count towards the achievement are listed here. Furthermore, next to each activity, there will be a "No" or "Yes" indicating whether or not you have completed or participated in that specific activity. You will want to make sure all your activities say "YES" next to them. If you quit out of any of these, the activity will be marked "YES", but it will not count towards the achievement. Please be aware that Arm Wrestling, Darts, Golf, Tennis and the Strip Club activities will only be available past Rank 7.
  • Get a haircut
  • Get a tattoo
  • Buy clothes
  • Play golf
  • Play tennis
  • Play darts
  • Play shooting range (complete one challenge here)
  • Have an arm wrestle
  • Hold up a store
  • Buy a private dance at the Strip Club
A huge thanks to ClaytThaGreat for this information.

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