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Crew Cut 5
GTA Online: Complete a Job as a member of a Crew.

Before you can attempt this, make sure you are part of any Crew on Rockstar's Social Club website. You can join a Crew through the pause menu of the game, or CLICK HERE to request an invite to a specific Crew of your choosing. Once you're all set, you will want to complete any available Job around Los Santos - whether it is a race or an actual mission - with another member of the same Crew. Upon successfully completing the Job, the achievement will unlock.

Full Refund 10
GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.

To get this achievement, you will need to be playing with someone who has already reached Rank 50. Once a player reaches this Rank, they will have the ability to hire a Mugger for $1,000 through their in-game cellphone by calling Lamar. Take note that the player you are calling the hit on must have at least $5,000 on hand to get this done.

Set up a Closed-Friends Lobby and meet up in an enclosed section of the city with very few cars. The top floor of a parking garage or the desert of Sandy Shores works perfectly for this. After the Rank 50 player calls the hit on you, an enemy NPC will come and knock you down, stealing all your money. There will be a short delay before you are able to stand up, so pan the camera around to see where the Mugger runs off to. Once you get up, chase him down and kill him to obtain the achievement.

Dialling Digits 5
GTA Online: Call for Helicopter backup for the first time.

You must be at least a Rank 20 in order to receive Helicopter backup. Upon reaching this rank, Merryweather will contact you and inform you that they can provide backup in the form of air-support units to your location. Once you have received this information, open your in-game cellphone and select "Merryweather" in your Contacts. Once the call goes through, you will see a tab with their services pop up on the screen. If you have enough money, select "Helicopter Backup", which costs $5,000, and the achievement will unlock immediately.

American Dream 10
GTA Online: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle.

During your time on GTA Online, you will need complete various jobs and activities in order to save enough money to buy an apartment, garage and an insured vehicle. Near the beginning of your Online experience, Simeon will tell you to grab a vehicle and bring it to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop. Here, you can respray and insure the vehicle for free, because he is covering the cost.

As for the apartment and garage, you must be at least a Rank 5 before you can purchase property. Once you are of rank and have enough money, pull up your in-game cellphone and check the real estate advert, "Dynasty 8" on home page of the Internet. Find an apartment with an attached garage that is both affordable and suits your needs, then purchase it through the website. The achievement will unlock immediately after purchasing the apartment and garage if you still own your insured vehicle.

Many people have reported that if you try to buy an apartment or garage through the real estate signs on the actual property, the achievement will not unlock. So make sure you do it through the Internet. A big thanks to Just Blaze for confirmation on this!

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