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Good job to the people that got this achievement. Personally i am not patient enough nowadays... When i was young, i could play a fun game so much so i would know the whole pattern of ennemies, i did Contra without loosing a life a tons of time on NES...i knew the game entirely. On Xbox i manage to do it without loosing a continue or whatever was required to unlock the achievement but i had to do the "extra lifes" tip on killing ennemies during a couple minutes at a couple places... And the game is actually shorter than the NES version...

I post on this thread mostly because today i did an achievement(beat shredder without being turned into a regular turtle) for the old 1989 arcade game. I remember this as TMNT2 on NES, i never beat it when i was young and today, thanks i had unlimited lifes as i got the shit beaten out of me. The boss are just unkillable without dying multiple times or having the Raph glitch(standing on them so they can't hit you) even when you do one attack at a time... i died so many time.

So just thinking about beating this in one life is . I know its easier overall as a game than the 1989 game, but still just one life... i would need to replay and replay it countless time to master it... with today's game and all, it ain't like when i was young, i hate retrying all the time... only games i didn't mind dying all the time was COD mostly because there a checkpoint every 30 secs so it ain't too bad.

Anyway i don't even know why im saying, lol, just saying i don't have the patience to do this, so good job to those who did.

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