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Who's Keeping Up?

It's been a while since I've commented on this forum. That being said I sense the main talk is all the new items that are implemented around the clock, as well as all the new buffs that get added as well. The one I like is Parameter Boost.

Is anyone keeping up with all of them? Because I try to, nowadays I'm experimenting, trying to see what Freeze Crusher do when I put it on my Ice Enchant Effect weapon on my Warrior. I didn't try it yet, I can let you know what it does when I try later today.

And then there was the Guard Attack Up, which I think is for the warrior only (guessing) because Uppercut Power Up is for the Shield Smash, and the Cleric's guard power only is applied in Shield Smash.

And the final implement that was thought about: Archangel achievement. Various people thought Sanctuary worked, when regular heals did the job. But 10,000 heals was definitely a haul that I did in 2 weeks, which I named as my 3rd achievement grind of the year behind Transformers WFC and GOW3.

So my question is the topic, is anyone keeping up with everything?
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