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Grand Theft Auto 5 - 100% Completion Guide (Checklist, Collectibles, Stunts & More)

GTA 5 - 100% Completion Guide

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Copyright/Rights of Use
All videos found in this guide are the property of PowerPyx and any reproduction of video material is forbidden without express permission. All written and descriptive content in this guide is the property of DarthKrid and is strictly to be used and reproduced on & ONLY.

Thanks to GlennThomas for the brilliant work with the banner and headers.

For information regarding specific achievements, please refer to this thread:
Achievement Guide & Roadmap by BiggD & B A R 4 D

Grand Theft Auto 5, like its predecessors, has a wide variety of criteria to fulfil in order to attain 100% Completion and ultimately the Career Criminal achievement. The purpose of this guide is to offer a detailed checklist of exactly what is required for 100%, to provide video, text and image descriptions for every collectible, and to give information about the miscellaneous events and activities that are also required.

Note that not all collectibles are required for 100% Completion, but those that aren’t are linked to other single-player achievements. Therefore, we have included these collectibles at the end of this guide in order to keep this as the one-stop place for everything you need to obtain every collectible achievement in the single-player along with Career Criminal.

To keep track of your progress in-game, you can do so by pausing with , scrolling over to the “Stats” tab with and then selecting “100% Checklist”. However, this in-game stats page has very limited information so we highly recommended creating an account with the Rockstar Games Social Club if you haven’t done so already. Once on this site, select “GTA V” from the list of games and then click the “Checklist” tab. This will provide far more detailed stats and will show you everything that is needed for 100% and, more importantly, what you’ve already specifically accomplished (which the in-game page does not tell you).

The game will autosave after you complete every mission or activity which contributes towards 100%. This is helpful indication that something has been completed appropriately. There are also on-screen notifications once you pick up a collectible or perform a Stunt Jump which tells you how many you have or how many are required.

100% completion is unmissable; your choice of ending will not prevent Career Criminal from being attainable.

The following list contains a brief overview of everything that is required for 100% Completion and the Career Criminal achievement. For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the guide below. If completing a particular action unlocks a certain achievement, this will be listed too.

Story Missions (50%)
  • All 69 Story Missions, including all of Lester’s Assassination Contracts (All story-related achievements).
Strangers and Freaks (10%)

Only 20 of the 58 Strangers and Freaks Missions are required for 100%. However, they have to be the following 20 specific missions rather than any 20:
  • Tonya (5 Towing missions).
  • Beverley (5 Paparazzo missions).
  • Hao (Shift Work mission).
  • Barry (only Franklin’s 2 missions).
  • Fanatic (only Franklin’s mission).
  • Dom (4 Extreme missions).
  • Omega (Completed after collecting and returning all 50 Spaceships Parts to Omega).
  • Dreyfuss (Available after collecting all 50 Letter Scraps).
Hobbies and Pastimes (10%)
  • Get a private lap dance at the Strip Club.
  • Shooting Range: At least a bronze medal in all 3 challenges in each of the Hand Guns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Heavy categories (total 18 medals).
  • 5 Street Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
  • 6 Off-Road Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
  • 4 Sea Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
  • Win at Tennis.
  • Play 9 holes of Golf and finish on Even or Under Par.
  • Win at Darts.
  • 3 Triathlon Races (at least a Bronze medal in each).
  • Flight School (at least a Bronze medal in all 12 lessons).
  • Parachuting (all Base Jumps and all Heli Jumps).
Random Events (15%)
  • Complete any 14 Random Events when travelling around San Andreas.
Miscellaneous (15%)
  • Collect all 50 Spaceship Parts (From Beyond The Stars).
  • Collect all 50 Letter Scraps (A Mystery, Solved).
  • Complete 25/50 Under The Bridges.
  • Complete 25/50 Stunt Jumps.
  • Complete 8/15 Knife Flights.
  • Purchase any 5 properties.
  • Purchase any vehicle from a website.
  • Walk and play “fetch” with Chop.
  • Complete a Booty Call.
  • Use a prostitute.
  • Hold up a store.
  • Visit the cinema.
  • 4 Friend Activities (go to the Cinema, play Darts, go to the Strip Club and visit a Bar).
The following accomplishments are not required for 100% in-game completion, but are required for certain miscellaneous achievements. These will be covered fully in this guide:
  • All 50 Stunt Jumps (Show Off).
  • All 50 Under The Bridges (Close Shave).
  • All 15 Knife Flights (Close Shave).
  • 30 Nuclear Waste (Waste Management).
For your convenience, we have provided a spreadsheet for the 100% Completion checklist. Simply click "File" and then "Download As" to save it to your computer, or just print it off and use it that way. We'd like to say a huge thank you to GoddessMushu for creating this: 100% Completion Checklist Spreadsheet

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