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Miscellaneous activities contribute 15% towards 100% Completion. This section is mostly concerned with the game’s collectibles. For more info about miscellaneous activities, such as using a prostitute, completing a booty call & robbing a store, please scroll down to the end of the collectibles section.

There are a total of 50 Spaceship Parts in GTA V, and collecting them all will earn you From Beyond The Stars and count towards 100% game completion. In order for the Spaceship Parts to spawn on the map, you must first complete the main story mission “Fame or Shame” (Mission 19 of 69) and then start the Freaks and Strangers side-mission "Far Out" by talking to Omega. He can only be found by Franklin and is located at the green question mark in the eastern section of Sandy Shores. Once you have found all 50 Parts, return to Omega for a cutscene, after which the achievement will unlock. Note that the Parts can be found by any of the three characters, but only Franklin can begin and finish the mission.

The Spaceship Parts are small, glowing objects and emit a resonating vibration sound when you get close. Beware that 6 of them (#28, #33, #36, #37, #45 and #46) can only be reached with a helicopter. You can easily find one of these on the helipad on the roof of the South Los Santos hospital, which is shown at 10:39 in the above collectible video and in the location shown on the image below:


Here is the full collectible map for the Spaceship Parts. Please click on the image below to be taken to the full-sized map in full 8192 x 8192 resolution! The numbers on the map match up with the video and the numbers listed below. #1 is located at the very north of the map, so follow the trail from there.

Clicking the bolded number/location below that designates each collectible will take you to that specific Spaceship Part in the video.

#1 - Mount Chiliad

You will come to a farm area with two large barns. One of the barns has a “Zancudo Grain Growers” logo painted on the side of it, and in the back of this barn on the floor is the Spaceship Part.

#2 - Mount Chiliad

This is located in another farm area. The Spaceship Part is located inside the large shed with a red crate outside the entrance.

#3 - Grapeseed

There will be a field filled with metal pens in which cows are grazing. In the middle of this area lying on the floor is the Spaceship Part.

#4 - San Chianski Mountain Range

At the top of the mountain trail there will be a circular road. By the side of it is a wrecked red boat next to a barn. Inside this barn is the Part.

#5 - San Chianski Mountain Range

You will come across a small hill decorated in colourful graffiti by alien cultists. On the top of this hill on a small ledge is a Spaceship Part.

#6 - Sandy Shores

This Part is located underwater in the small bay on the north of Sandy Shores. Dive down underwater and you will see the Part glowing brightly against the seafloor, so it’s hard to miss.

#7 - Grand Senora Desert

Next to the off-road trail is a rock formation. Up the small hill underneath the face of the rock is this Part.

#8 - Grand Senora Desert

By the side of the road will be 5 huge satellite dishes. If you’re looking at them from the main road, the right-hand most dish will have the Part. Climb up the stairs on the dish to get it.

#9 - Grand Senora Desert

You should see a large boat with the initials “LS 4145 RS” on the side of it amongst a few rusty trailers. The Part is located next to the boat.

#10 - Grand Senora Desert

By the side of the road you will see a derelict house with boarded up windows. Behind the house where the back porch was is the Spaceship Part.

#11 - Grand Senora Desert

This Part is located down in the small rocky valley beside the road. It will be amongst some rocks.

#12 - Grand Senora Desert

On the top of the hill is a small house with a green roof and a US flag outside the front. Behind the house is a white banner strung between two posts with “Welcome” written on it. The Part is located under this banner.

#13 - Ron Alternates Wind Farm

This Part is located inside a cavern, so you will need to either swim or use a boat/jetski to get inside. Once inside, dive down underwater and you will easily see the Part glowing.

#14 - Tatavium Mountains

To the right of the large cavern entrance, there is a tiny beach. On this beach is the Spaceship Part.

#15 - Tatavium Mountains

You will see five pipes running down into the water. In the left-hand pipe is the Spaceship Part.

#16 - Davis

Down by the rocks is a small wooden jetty with two red safety rings housed on it. Dive underneath this jetty and the Spaceship Part will be on the seafloor.

#17 - Murreta Heights

By the side of the freeway is an area where water comes out and flows down under the freeway. You should see a brown metal walkway with three concrete pillars jutting out from underneath it. On the middle of these pillars is the Spaceship Part.

#18 - El Burro Heights

In the construction area you will find two freight containers side by side. The green one has an opening and inside it is the Spaceship Part.

#19 - Pacific Ocean

This one is located on a small island out to sea. Just swim the small distance to the island and then climb onto the rocks. The Part will be amongst the rocks.

#20 - El Burro Heights

In front of the freeway-supporting wall with the “VAGOS” graffiti on it is a sewer pipe that pumps water out to sea. Right next to the pipe opening is the Spaceship Part.

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