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#21 - Elysian Island

Underwater here will be the ruins of a metal structure. In amongst it is this Spaceship Part.

#22 - Elysian Island

In between the two huge domes is a set of stairs. Take the first flight up and at the fork take the left staircase. Keep following the stairs and you’ll eventually come to a building with a ladder on top of the dome. Climb the ladder and drop down onto the pipe. Run along the pipe, and halfway between the two domes on the pipe will be the Spaceship Part.

#23 - Rancho / Dutch London St

In a fenced area you will see four decorated alien-like sculptures that look like futuristic towers. Go inside the entrance and the ledge around the bottom of the right-hand tower will have the Spaceship Part on it.

#24 - Los Santos International Airport

Right in the southern-most section of the airport, just inside the fence. This Part is located next to a dumpster and a stack of red, white, green and blue crates.

#25 - Davis / Innocence Blvd

This Part is located on the roof of Central Los Santos Medical Centre. Climb up the stairs to the top of the first roof, then up the ladder to get onto the highest roof. The Spaceship Part will be next to the helicopter on the right-hand side.

#26 - Strawberry / Elgin Ave

Underneath the freeway is a campsite where the homeless are dwelling. The Spaceship Part will be in front of a couch with a red and pink sleeping bag on it.

#27 - Textile City

In this alleyway there will be numerous shops and market stalls. Find the “Bean Machine” coffee shop, and just to the right of it will be a small alcove where this Part can be found.

#28 - Pillbox Hill

[Helicopter Required] You will need to fly up to the top of the “Penris” building for this one. Land on the roof and grab the clearly-visible Spaceship Part.

#29 - Pillbox Hill

This Part is located in a tunnel, the entrance of which can be found in Textile City. Drive into the tunnel and take a right at the fork. Keep driving along the train tracks until you are met with two enclosed tunnels. Take the left tunnel and drive through it until you are met with another choice of two tunnels. Take the right one this time and drive through it a short way until you come out into a room. Go up the ramp to the right to find some constructions workers stood around. The Spaceship Part is located behind the red barrier next to a table with a blueprint on it.

#30 - Vespucci Canals

Next to the road you will see a huge “Destroy The Ring” billboard. Climb up the ladder that goes up the billboard’s supporting pole. Go up the short ramp and then climb the second ladder. The Spaceship Part will be on the platform at the top of the billboard.

#31 - Little Seoul / Del Perro Fwy

This is located inside the Vinewood studios. You will have to drive or run through the barrier at the entrance. Take the first left and then right in front of you will be an open doorway and some stairs. Go up the stairs, take a right and then a right again up another set of stairs. Climb over the wall in front of you and the Spaceship Part will be on the balcony here.

#32 - Burton

The Spaceship Part will be right in the middle of the small grassy area in the middle of the circular road.

#33 - Burton

[Helicopter Required] This Part is located in the empty swimming pool on the roof of the hotel. Fly up there and jump down into the pool to grab it.

#34 - Rockford Hills

This Part is located on a tiny island in the south-western lake of the golf course. Jump into the water and swim to the island for it.

#35 - Vinewood Hills

By the side of the lake is a small stone building. If you dive into the lake just to the right of the building, you should see the Spaceship Part behind you on the seafloor next to the side of the stone wall.

#36 - Vinewood Hills

[Helicopter Required] You will see a concrete jetty sticking out from the side of the road with a circular building at the end of it. Unfortunately, the building is too high to climb up so you will need to delicately land a helicopter on top of it to grab the Spaceship Part.

#37 - Vinewood Hills

[Helicopter Required] This is another one which requires a helicopter. You will need to land your helicopter on the roof of the Galileo Observatory, and the Spaceship Part will be located next to the dome on the left-hand side of the roof.

#38 - Richman Glen

In front of the house is a large tree next to a small circular fountain. The Spaceship Part is at the base of the tree.

#39 - Tongva Hills

On your map you should see a stream going off from the side of the road. Follow this stream about halfway and you should see an opening in the rock face in front of you. Just inside the entrance is this Spaceship Part.

#40 - Banham Canyon

Behind the house at the end of the short road is a swimming pool. Right next to this is small white concrete square on the ground that has a telescope erected on it at night. On the ground next to the telescope is this Part.

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