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#41 - Tongva Hills

On the side of a hill is a farm area with lots of hedges. The Spaceship Part is located halfway up the hill in between the rows of hedges. You wonít be able climb over them so youíll have to find a gap in the side and run along the row.

#42 - Tongva Hills

Underneath the bridge you will see a waterfall. Do not dive in off the bridge as you will die. Work your way down and in the small pool at the bottom of the waterfall, dive down and find the Spaceship Part underwater.

#43 - Zancudo River

Underneath the wooden bridge over the river, this one is located between the central support pillar and the small support at the end of the bridge.

#44 - Zancudo River

This one is located in a small alcove in the rocks on the river bank. The alcove will be on the left if you are looking at the bridge ahead of you in the distance.

#45 - Mount Josiah

[Helicopter Required] This Part is quite tricky and requires a helicopter. Fly up to the side of Mount Josiah where you can see levels of rock, almost like giant steps. You should see the Part glowing on one of the ledges, so land your helicopter on the one above it and jump down.

#46 - Pacific Ocean

[Helicopter Required] This is by far the most difficult Spaceship Part to get. It will require extremely precise control with a helicopter, or pinpoint landing with a parachute. If you are using a helicopter like in the video, you will need to land perfectly in between the concrete support beam and the underside of the bridge. The Spaceship Part will be on a ledge.

#47 - Cassoy Creek

Directly underneath the bridge is a small outcropping of rock right next to a waterfall. The Spaceship Part is on this outcropping.

#48 - Paleto Cove

This Part is easy to find, itís in plain sight at the top of the small hill that extends out from the beach.

#49 - Paleto Forest

You will see the entrance to a small concrete tunnel, with a fallen tree trunk across the entrance. Just inside the tunnel is this Part.

#50 - Paleto Forest

On this block you should see an ugly grey tower with a metal staircase around it. Climb up two flights of stairs, and jump inside the window. The Spaceship Part is on the floor inside this room.

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