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#41 - Grand Senora Desert

This is on top of the largest building in the quarry. To get up there, follow the series of ladders which begins on ground level next to the building on one of the support beams.

#42 - Great Chaparaal

In front of the church is a small graveyard. In the graveyard in front of three white crosses is the Letter.

#43 - Great Chaparaal

Underneath the bridge is a rocky path, and this Letter Scrap is right in the middle of it.

#44 - Zancudo River / Route 68

If the bridge is ahead of you in the distance, this Letter will be just in front of the stream amongst some reeds to the right.

#45 - Raton Canyon

[Helicopter Required] This Letter is on top of a small rock that can only be accessed by a helicopter. Once youíre up there, itís very easy to spot.

#46 - Mount Chiliad

On the small hill sticking out into the sea, this one is located down next to the sea.

#47 - Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

This is located in the Altruistís camp. Once inside, climb up the stairs cut into the side of the hill and go up the trail to the hut. Climb up the two ladders and this will be on a ledge next to you.

#48 - Paleto Forest

By the side of the road is a rock and a few trees together. Between two of the tress is this Letter.

#49 - Mount Chiliad

This Letter is located on the floor of the cable car station at the very summit of Mount Chiliad.

#50 - Paleto Bay / Proccopio Dr

This Letter is on the roof of the house. Use the steps to get up there and itíll be on the floor near a table with an umbrella over it.

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