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Purchase any 5 properties

Purchasable properties are dotted around the map and are shown by a icon. They can be bought by approaching the “Purchase” sign outside the property as long as you have sufficient funds. The description is slightly misleading, as only income-generating properties count. Here is a complete list of properties (along with their price, who can buy them and their location) that count towards this requirement. Those highlighted in red are properties you need to purchase for other trophies:
  • Car Scrapyard ($275,000 - all characters) - El Burro Heights
  • Cinema Doppler ($10,000,000 - Michael) - Downtown Vinewood
  • Downtown Cab Co. ($200,000 - Franklin) - Downtown Los Santos. (All's Fare in Love and War)
  • Hookies ($600,000 - Michael or Trevor) - North Chumash
  • Los Santos Customs ($349,000 - Franklin) - Route 68, Grand Senora Desert
  • Los Santos Golf Club ($150,000,000 - all characters) - Richman
  • McKenzie Field Hangar ($150,000 - Trevor) - Grapeseed (TP Industries Arms Race)
  • Pitchers ($750,000 - all characters) - Downtown Vinewood
  • Smoke On The Water ($204,000 - Franklin) - Vespucci Beach
  • Sonar Collections Dock ($250,000 - all characters) - Paleto Bay (Waste Management)
  • Ten Cent Theater ($20,000,000 - Michael) - Textile City
  • Tequi-la-la ($2,000,000 - all characters) - West Vinewood
  • The Hen House ($80,000 - all characters) - Paleto Bay
  • Tivoli Cinema ($30,000,000 - Michael) - Morningwood
  • Towing Impound ($150,000 - Franklin) - Rancho
Purchase any vehicle from a website.

With any character, press and select “Internet” from your phone. Go to “Travel and Transport” and select any of the vehicle dealerships and purchase it to complete this requirement. The cheapest option is to choose the dealership at the bottom of the page, Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and then select the Pegassi Faggio for $5000.

Walk and play “fetch” with Chop

Chop is Franklin’s dog, so when controlling Franklin go to Franklin’s house and approach the bone icon on the map, which is Chop. Press next to him and then to take him on a walk. Whilst walking him, hold to access your weapon wheel and then choose the ball to equip it. Throw it with to play “fetch” with the ball, and when Chop finds it and brings it back, this requirement will be completed.

Complete a Booty Call

For this, you will need to fill the “like” meter of a dancer from the strip club to entice her into taking you back home with her. The quicker but extremely expensive way is to throw money at one when she is dancing on the rails, but the cheaper and more fun method is to get a girl to offer you a private dance for $40. Keep flirting with her with and then touch her by holding when the bouncer walks away from the door. It will probably take two whole dances to fill the meter completely using this method. Once the meter is maxed out, the dancer will ask if you want to go back to her place. Exit the strip club and go around to the back entrance. Drive her to her house and a short cutscene will play, after which you will have finished this requirement.

Not all dancers will offer you the opportunity to take them home, so try and find the one called "Sapphire", as she is confirmed as a possibility for a booty call.

Use a prostitute

Prostitutes can only be found in specific places. The easiest place is in the La Puerta district just north of the Los Santos International Airport below the 4-lane freeway. Simply go here at night time and look for a prostitute on the street. Make sure you are in a car and beep your horn by pressing the left stick, and when she gets into your car, drive to somewhere secluded. You can either get a $50, $70 or $100 service, any will count for the requirement to be fulfilled. (Thanks a lot to dcollins22 for the location and the cost of services).

Hold up a store

The stores required for this activity are specific, and there are only 19 of them in the game. This won't work in Ammu-Nation, barber or tattoo shops. You have to enter the shop and hold up the shopkeeper by aiming a weapon at them. Wait for him or her to empty the till and hand you cash, at which point this requirement will be complete. You don't have to exit the shop or evade the police.

The following stores are the only ones eligible for this requirement:
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Innocence Boulevard, Strawberry
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Niland Avenue, Sandy Shores
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Senora Freeway, Grand Senora Desert
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Route 68, Harmony
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Barbareno Road, Chumash
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Clinton Avenue, Downtown Vinewood
  • 24/7 Supermarket - Palomino Freeway, Tatavian Mountains
  • Limited LTD Gasoline - Grapeseed Main Street
  • Limited LTD Gasoline - Tongva Drive, Banham Canyon
  • Limited LTD Gasoline - E Mirror Drive, Mirror Park
  • Limited LTD Gasoline - Lindsay Circus, Little Seoul
  • Limited LTD Gasoline - Grove Street, Davis
  • Robs Liquor - Great Ocean Highway, Banham Canyon
  • Rob’s Liquor - Prosperity Street, Morningwood
  • Rob’s Liquor - San Andreas Avenue, Vespucci Canals
  • Rob’s Liquor - El Rancho Boulevard, Murrieta Heights
  • Scoops Liquor Barn - Route 68, Grand Senora Desert
  • Supermarket - Senora Freeway, Mount Chiliad
One of these stores can be found behind the gas station across the street from Franklin's garage! This is in the "Grove Street / Davis" district of Los Santos.

Visit the cinema

There are three cinemas to visit on the map, designated by a icon. Simply visit and pay to watch a movie. You don't have to watch a whole movie, you can quit out at any time and the requirement is done.

4 Friend Activities (go to the cinema, play darts, go to the strip club and visit a bar)

Simply call up any of your friends with any character by pressing to access your phone and then selecting "Contacts". If they want to hang out, simply drive them to any of the four options above and participate in the activity. Once a friend enters your car, the symbols will automatically show up on your map. When playing as Franklin you can also call Lamar to hang out, in case Michael and Trevor are unavailable.

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