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Welcome to Los Santos and Blaine County! There's an almost overwhelming amount of things to see and do in GTA V and you'll no doubt have many questions you need answers to. Fret not, wonderful gamers as x360a is at hand to enlighten you. Have a gander at the links in this thread, and please read the FAQ and I'm sure you'll find all the answers you need. Just click the title you want to go to, and it'll take you there.

Kifflom, brothers and sisters! Kifflom!

*This may take some time to become really fleshed out, as more tricks are found and the online opens up. Please suggest threads to add to it. Anything highlighted in red is unconfirmed by myself at this moment.*

Achievement Help
Achievement Guide & Roadmap
Achievement Discussion
Achievement Trading Thread

Alternative Collectible Threads (Videos)
iSs Baillie's Collectibles Guide
Maka's Collectibles Guide
Need To Achieve's Collectibles Guide
Predni's Collectible Guide

Career Criminal - 100% Completion Guide
100% Career Completion Guide (Checklists, Collectibles, Stunts and More)

Casual Gaming Online
Online Gaming (Not Achievement Trading)

Please note: Cheats will disable all achievements in your current session. Do not save over your current progress with them active.
Cheats in Grand Theft Auto V

Complaints and Concerns With the Game
The Official Grand Theft Auto V Bitching Thread

Easter Eggs and Surprises
Easter Eggs (Spoilers)

Gold Medal Requirements
Gold Medal Requirements Checklist

Making Money
Playing The Stock Market During The Assassination Missions
Alternate Stock Market & Assassination Guide
Infinite Money Through The Underwater Caches (You don't have to do it with all 3 characters, but it's faster than just using 1 of them.)

Random Events
Random Events (Locations and Rewards)

Share Your Photos Taken With Snapmatic
Grand Theft Auto V: Photo Gallery

Video Guides and Miscellaneous Videos
Community Videos

Your Experiences in Grand Theft Auto V
Adventures in Los Santos and Blaine County

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Am I losing money when I replay a mission?
No, you're not. When you replay a mission, the game creates a save and then pulls you back to when that mission began. Because of this, it changes your account balance to what it was before. After the mission is over, or you quit out of it you'll be returned to your main game with your account balance back to what it was before. The game shows that it's taking money, but doesn't show it being put back in. If you pause the game, you'll see that you haven't lost anything.

Anyone want to join my clan?

Quoting from the forum rules:

Clan Discussion
Please note, we don't allow clan discussion/recruitment/advertising etc on this site. If you are looking for a clan, please look elsewhere. Whilst on the subject, the x360a Clans have been tried, and didn't work. We will not be bringing them back. Any clan claiming to be a representation of x360a is doing so without our knowledge. Please let us know so we can investigate.

Are there any issues in the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide?

As far as we are aware, there is one issue in the English strategy guide, which is that Stunt Jump #50 is incorrect. There are multiple errors in the German guide, and we haven't heard anything about others.

BAWSAQ and Snapmatic are not working! Help?

BAWSAQ (stock market) and Snapmatic (camera) are tied to the Rockstar Social Club. Due to huge amount of strain put on the website, there have been a lot of instances where it is not working. Unfortunately, until Rockstar update their servers you'll have to just get lucky when trying to use these services.

Do you have to achieve all Gold Medal requirements in one run?

No, you can do them however you want. For instance, if you are on a mission that has a time requirement as well as an accuracy one, you could take your time getting the correct accuracy and then do another run through of just rushing to get the time. Even though the end of the mission will only tell you what you achieved in it, the Replay Missions menu will update with your Gold Medal.

How do I check my 100% completion statistic in-game?

Open the menu and scroll to Stats and then go down to the 100% Checklist. You can also compare your statistic against your friends by scrolling to Friends page and clicking Compare.

How do you buy a tank?

The tank can be bought from the in-game Internet on your character's phone or a computer at It costs $3,000,000.

How do I unlock each of the Strangers and Freaks?

Abigail - Complete "Blitz Play" and purchase the Sonar Collections Dock.
Barry - Complete "Complications" and "Pulling Favors" for Michael's mission to appear, and "Three's Company" for Trevor's and Franklin's to appear.
Beverley - Complete "Pulling Favors". For the 3rd mission to unlock, you have to complete "Three's Company".
Cletus - Complete "Nervous Ron".
Dom - Complete "Minor Turbulence". To unlock his final mission, you need to complete all of the parachute jumps.
Drayfuss - Find all 50 of the Letter Scraps.
Epsilon - Complete "Father/Son", "Pulling Favors" and the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation on the Epsilon Website.
Hao - Complete "Pulling Favors". He will only appear at night.
Josh - Complete "Hang Ten".
Mary-Ann - Complete "Complications" and "Pulling Favors" for Michael. For Trevor's, complete "Reuniting The Family", and for Franklin's you need to complete "Predator".
Maude - Complete "Mr. Philips".
Minute Men - Complete "Mr. Philips".
Nigel - Complete "Friends Reunited".
Omega - Complete "Fame or Shame". For his last mission to show up, you need to find all 50 Spaceship Parts.
Rampages - Complete "Trevor Philips Industries".
Tonya - Complete "Repossession". After the first mission, you'll receive a text from Tonya. Call her from your Contacts list to start the next mission. You'll need to do this again to start the 3rd and 4th missions. If you no longer have the text, or can't remember receiving it, just ring her anyway.

How long does a character sleep for, and how many minutes are in an in-game day?

When you go to sleep, time passes by 6 hours (12 real minutes) if you're playing as Michael, 8 hours (14 real minutes) if you're playing as Franklin and 12 hours (24 real minutes) if you're playing as Trevor. There are 2 seconds to each in-game minute which makes 2 minutes to each in-game hour. That means there are 48 minutes in an in-game day.

How many cars can you store in the garages?

A character's personal garage (outside their safehouse) has space for 2 vehicles. Their special garage that can be bought or given free if you're a Social Club member can store 4 vehicles. Franklin will come to own 2 vehicles through natural story progression, and these 2 vehicles will always be placed outside on his driveway. Michael and Trevor own a vehicle each, and you will find them outside as well. Trevor will acquire a temporary safehouse in Vespucci beach, but this will not allow you to store more than 1 vehicle under the building.

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