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Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
You crazy ass mofo haha, already doing the list nice bro. Hey do you have the strategy guide or what!?
Also for the gold missions about the timer and when you have to do some certain kind of killing, AS SOON AS YOU DIE AND HIT RETRY it will fail the challenge and you see "CHECKPOINT" at the final results screen with a [X]. So if you are going for any kind of gold don't die! I have +17 missions on GOLD now. Nevertheless keep up the good work.

Also there is a mission called The Good Husband which gives you automatically a GOLD completion:

It's a random call by Michael's daugther Amanda. She is in trouble and is getting arrested. Just drive to the point within the given time, get in the cop-car, loose the 3-stars and bring her home. Job done!

This counts towards the actual missions not the Strangers and Freaks!
This "the good husband" mission disappeared from my Game menu after I retried another mission.
Also, I think Amanda is Michael's wife
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