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So I found this big pickup and said to myself "Yeah, I can fit that in my garage". But while infront of said garage I saw that it would be "close". So I drove faster than I should've... which made me miss the fact that the garage was too low. Well, the truck did fit (good thing they have a suspension), but when I stepped out, I found myself trapped behind the truck, unable to get in the car or out the garage. So my Trevor-Brain was like "Hey, just blow that thing up, get out of the ER and everything is fine like a pretzel." So I did that...
Turns out the pickup got repaired and is still in the garage. Sooo.... I effectively broke Trevors garage. Which is annoying as hell, since I mostly play as Trevor...
Does somebody know a way how to get rid of a stuck car?

PS: Where the frick are scuba diving suits? They exist, right?
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