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I hope this is Ok, but i want to share this with the world although it's probably boring to everyone, but i never knew that the game worked like this, so i'm gonna share. It's a pic though, i couldn't be arsed setting roxio up for something that hardly anyone is gonna care about, so i just took a phone picture. I know this is a 'video' thread, but it's still media-ish.

Anyway, it seems that when you load the game up, you start in a random location, which i never knew, but i just started it up now and it appears i'm Trevor. I can't remember if i saved it as him or not though. So, i turned it on, and after it all loaded, i was looking at the top of a mountain, and wondering what i was looking at, then Trevor started mumbling something, then eventually stood up, drunk, with a frickin' dress on. This game is so great;

And again, i just transported to Trevor after doing a mission as Michael, and i wake up, drunk on a beach, in my tighty whitey's, covered in blood and surrounded by dead people;

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