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you say "huge" but what was your actual profit

i did that and yes the stock % went up but i only made like 12k investment which unlocked the achievement

same for when i dropped the guy off at the airport and he told me to invest in Tinkle and it only went up 20% not to mention the stock shares were already expensive to begin with, which is the main issue.

if the Lifeinfader stock ever rose significantly from its negative 500%(scripted) and you were able to get a heads up on that, then the Madoff insider-trading stuff that they're trying to mimick would actually be taking place, not 10-20% on stocks that already have double/triple digit priced shares

the ones that seem like they might make sense are the car insurance since as you crash cars you'd be making money, and maybe ammu-nation, and other stuff but untill someone actually figures it all out and makes an extensive stock guide, we wont really know for sure. also when Online comes out, maybe it'll move and when Rockstar has a specific online event for a specific mode we can figure things in that mode will effect certain stock companies...idk just seems like "chump change" based on how the amoung of money the game hands out for other stuff

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