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Originally Posted by IXISHADOW View Post
You're the first person to complain... I chose these colours and the layout to be easy on the eye. I think it makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

What would you suggest?
He means he wants better cheats (like Invincible / All Weapons). He's not alone. Though I don't think it'll matter in the long run, since none of them are likely to work in online free roam anyway. I tend to prefer the button cheats over entering them in the phone though. To me, the phone was always slower to pull up and find what you want. Plus, it annoyed the shit out of me because the order of the list changed depending on if you were on mission or not because certain cheats were only available at certain times. So I'd try to hit ammo/health real fast and end up scrolling too far, screwing up, and dying. If anything, I wish they'd just do a classic cheats sub-menu when the damn game is paused. Then they could make some of the cheats unlockable by doing the bullshit collectibles, so maybe that kind of shit would be worth doing instead of only really being there for achievements.
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