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Originally Posted by eiVaL View Post
i got the BradyGames strategy guide PDF if you wanna add it here, let me know, ill upload it
That would be breaking all sorts of Copyright Rules.

Back on the Encyclopedia I think it would be a great idea to add something about how the vehicle purchasing and saving work, i.e. that it is currently kind of broken. I think this is very important to mention as you can spend millions of $ that is lost forever unless you are aware how it works.

Something I wrote in another thread.

Originally Posted by XBOX ISAAC82 View Post
...problem is more likely that the car saving system seems to be broken. All the cars I bought did not appear in the garage as there are only four spaces but it doesn't tell you that it is full. So buy any new ones or unlock a special vehicle and there is no way to save it. More annoying is that when you take one of these vehicles out for a mission or something it is more or less gone forever if you don't return it. You can select 'special' within the garage but when I select it I only see the Elergy. With everything else I bought on the internet like planes, heli's and boats I can cycle through them in their save locations. Sometimes vehicles turn up at the car impound but I have only had two go there early on in the game during main missions.

Spent a few million as well so very annoying!
So in short all planes, helicopters and boats are selectable forever more when you buy them from the internet as long as you have the relevant storage facility, i.e. hanger, helipad, dock.

However with cars, bikes and vehicles such as the tank they only get delivered to your garage (purchased one) if there is space. Also the vehicle will not be there unless it is returned and saved.

Another thing to note is that with the hanger, helipad and dock you can also save one stolen vehicle there but this will disappear if you buy a new vehicle or if you land another one in its spot.
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