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Originally Posted by Callum x360a View Post
82% more than you put in is huge profit. It doesn't matter how much you put in to it, because you're going to end up with 82% more.

Obviously utilizing it when you have a lot of money is better, as you will almost double what you had. If you're only putting $12,000 in, you aren't getting the full benefit. You'd only get about $21,840 back, which is easy enough to make anyway. If you invest $2,000,000, you could get about $3,640,000 back. That extra $1,640,000 is a lot harder to make in the game.

You need to invest a lot of money in to it to reap the benefits. Completing the story will give you a lot of money, so it's perhaps best to leave these missions open until then.
damn i already did like 2 of them with Franklin.

i bet the same would go with the random events like the guy working for "Tinkle" if you just dont pick him up till you have a few million then do it.

i plan on replaying the singleplayer but hopefully by that point all the nuances of the stock market will be figured out, and we can know how to exploit it but even the bradygames guide doesnt even cover it and simply call it a "gamble" outside of few the scripted "insider trading" tips you get during the game.

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